Life lessons are important but it’s up to you to learn or not. Same way, as parents we want to teach many lessons to our kids but it’s up to them to learn them or not. But I believe that children do learn better by watching than by listening to the parents. It’s better to lead by example. Children’s day is the perfect time to send out the messages and teach them some life lessons.

We parents have to be role models for them and that’s the best way to teach. I know it’s easier said than done. As a parent, it’s a responsibility for us to be our best to teach them the best but it’s not that easy.


Here are few messages which I want to give my daughters this children’s day –

  1. Love yourself- First of all, my message for my girls is to love themselves and be confident in who they are. This is something which I keep on telling them often as I believe self-love is very important. Be confident about who you are and believe in yourself.
  2. Be kind – The Second message for them is to respect others, be gentle and think before they speak anything. Kindness is not easy as it can be tricky at times. For example, you teach them to share, to not be ill-mannered and to be humble.  But when they see others not doing the same thing, they get confused. This is something which you can teach them by example and by being a role model.
  3. Its ok to make mistakes- The third message for my daughters is that it’s ok to make mistakes as we are all human and we make mistakes. I feel these days kids are much more sensitive. It’s saddening to see so many cases of emotional decisions by kids around us. So, it’s important that you as a parent should not overreact to their mistakes. Make them understand that you care and love them.
  4. Health is important – The fourth message for them is to never take your health for granted. The first step is to make healthy food choices. Kids love junk food and of course, there are so many options outside but as parents, it’s our duty to teach them to not only eat healthily but also be physically active. 
  5. See well in others – The fifth message for my girls is to always see good in others. This is a lesson which my parents taught me. I am grateful to them to teach me such valuable lessons when I was small. Negativity is not good and if you see your child only talks negatively about others, it’s time to teach them to be nice and humble.
  6. Hard work always pays – The sixth message for my girls is to work hard as it always pays. Teach your kids the value of hard work as it never goes waste. Hard work is the biggest virtue which can help them succeed in life.
  7. We are always there for you- Last but not least, the seventh message which I want to give my girls this children’s day is that we are there for them. As parents, as mentors, as guides and as their friends, we are always there with you. Show your kids you love them and believe them. It’s important for them to know that come what may, their parents are there for them no matter what.

There are many more messages and life lessons for our kids but these are a few important ones on my list. What message do you want to give your kids this Children’s day?