B for Believe

Believing is trust, faith, confidence and a feeling of acceptance for something without proof.

My parents believed in all of us and I don’t remember any such incident where they questioned us for anything. My mom always used to say, “Do whatever makes you happy, but keep us informed. So, that if you are going on a wrong path, we can guide you.”

Today when I am a mom myself, I sometimes wonder- How did my parents handle everything so smoothly?

They instilled a feeling of honesty in us and I don’t remember lying to my mom ever. I and my siblings knew a difference between right and wrong. We knew that we should avoid doing the things which can make our parents unhappy.


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As a mom myself, I try not to question my kids all the time and show them that we believe in them.

A few days back, my teen had to go for a friend’s birthday party where they all planned going to a mall without parents. This mall is very near to our place and we all were okay with them spending some time in the mall. As much as I was tempted to go and follow her around, I stopped myself.

When she came back, she told, “Mom! Do you know there was a spy mom in the mall?”

Apparently, one of her friend’s mom was in the mall and was keeping an eye on them. And her friend was very embarrassed to see her mom following them everywhere.

I understand it’s easier said than done but we need to give our kids some space and also learn to trust them. Being overprotective is not going to help anybody. I am going to write more about being over protective in one of my next posts.

It is important to remember these points about believing your kids-


I believe in my kids and trying to follow the lessons my mom taught me. Do you believe in your kids?

Believing and trusting can make them confident and can help them to go through any competitions in life with a smile. Read about competition in my next post. Stay tuned. 🙂

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