What is kindness?

It is about being nice, compassionate, helpful towards others and It is a rare quality these days. We all want our kids to learn it and follow it. Kindness and empathy can help our kids to be a good citizen of the society and we can teach them to be friendly, kind, loving, and generous.

A few days back, one of my maid’s son got injured in an accident and we helped her in getting timely hospital care for him. My husband and I helped her with all the hospital and medicine expenses too. We did it because we really wanted to help her and I am sure my girls learnt a lesson of compassion and kindness that day. Kids learn by watching their parents.

It is just a small example but such small things sometimes leave big impressions on our kids. If they see us behaving badly or talking rudely with somebody, they will also do the same. We need to lead by example as our kids are always watching us.

“Kindness is not taught, it’s learned and In order to be kind, you have to experience it at home.”

So let’s start with small things like please and Thank you. Donate old books, toys, and clothes to underprivileged and make sure your kids are involved in it. My younger one loves to water all our balcony plants and she really takes good care of them and I feel it is an act of kindness too.

I remember how my girls took their own time to adjust when we moved to Bangalore a few years back. Elder one is very social and she was fine in some time but younger one took her own sweet time a she was just 4 at that time. I suggested her to greet others whenever she meets them and it worked wonders. When she saw others smiling back at her and talking to her, she liked it and learnt the value of being nice to others.

These are few lessons from my bag of motherhood experiences-


Let’s make a start today and teach our kids about kindness, love, and compassion as it’s never too late. Parents are the role models and they can learn good and bad things from us. My next post is about something which they learn from parents too. Stay tuned. 🙂

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A for Affection

B for Believe

C for Confidence

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