I am someone who likes watching a good thriller series every now and then. But the deal is I do not compromise on quality when it comes to TV or web series. When it comes to the thriller genre, in particular, I look for ones with a strong complex protagonist. I also look for gripping storylines that feel real rather than going over-the-top. That is why, I have stuck to watching international shows like Luther, The Mentalist, Elementary to name a few. The one Indian thriller series I used to watch was C.I.D. But since it ended, I was back to my international watchlist.

However, recently, I came across a trailer of a series that really got me intrigued. It had the production quality and suspense-filled ambience that I love, the show is Abhay that is going to stream on ZEE5. Produced by B.P. Singh’s (of CID fame) Fiction Factory Productions, the series features Kunal Kemmu in the lead role.

Coming back to the trailer, the clip begins with files, photographs and many other things strewn on a table. With ominous music, the grim tone of the trailer is already in place. Seconds later, Abhay (Kunal Kemmu) arrives at the table and scrutinizes the files and photographs. Now, this is where things get interesting.

As Abhay talks about the need and the challenges behind understanding a criminal’s mind, we see numerous short clips flash in rapid succession. Avoiding the graphic details, the clips that flash by featuring gruesome visuals of blood-smeared faces, meat being hacked, kids being kidnapped, basically all possible visuals people associate with crime.

Though he is no mention of Abhay’s personal life, he does comes across a hardened man with a past. But what is clear from the trailer is Abhay’s determination to take down criminals at any cost.

Overall, the trailer is an intriguing glimpse into the world of Abhay without entertaining into spoiler territory. Kunal shines with his intense presence and surely comes across as someone who could pull off the tough investigative cop avatar.

If you wish to check out the trailer yourself, click here

On reading up a bit about the show online, I got to know that Abhay is a police procedural series, a genre that is underexplored in the Indian OTT space. Shot in Lucknow, the series is inspired by real-life crime cases. So, we can expect SP Abhay Pratap Singh to thrill the audience by solving bone-chilling crimes over the course of the series, which is said to premiere on 7th February on ZEE5. Finally, we seem to get a good long-form thriller series in the Indian web space after a while.

Hope you like this Abhay trailer -Kunal Kemmu in Zee 5 thriller show.