First, think,

Second, believe,

Third Dream,

And finally Dare. – Walt Disney.

After few weeks to recover, it’s time now to think about how we all really survived April.  Most of my blogger friends already shared their thoughts post the challenge. I am a bit late in sharing my thoughts as I was travelling. It was a  good break after a month of daily reading, writing and commenting.


I can now proudly flaunt this badge on my blog.
What I liked and good part of the challenge-

The best part is that I made it through. Although I had only first week posts done ahead of time and I was writing every day after that, I enjoyed writing. My theme also helped me to share my thoughts without any extra effort. Parenting needs no research for me and I just shared my learnings from my experiences with my two daughters.
I had lots of visitors each day and it was nice to get some new ones too. Interacting with all the bloggers was a plus and comments from other bloggers always gives us a boost.
What I didn’t like and The Not So Good part-
I didn’t get a chance to visit as many people as I wanted to during the challenge. Also, I was not really prepared and made last minute changes to some of the letters which I planned beforehand.  I was a bit concerned while writing if people will enjoy my posts or not. Also, some letters were a real challenge but somehow managed to find topics related to them.

What did I learn from the challenge? Will I do this next year? Probably. When I signed up for the challenge, I didn’t know if I will be able to do a justice to it or not. It was my first time and I am just glad that I tried my best and finished it too. Few things which I learnt-

  • Scheduling and better planning are always helpful.
  • Read, write and comment daily are good for our blogs.
  • Inspiration is all we need to do something in life. (I am going to look out for it rather than waiting for it to find me). 😉

These were my reflections from my first #AtoZchallenge. What about you?