As mothers day is around the corner, we thought of a giving a prompt related to our moms. Moms are special and our memories of them always make us smile. Whenever I think of my mom, the first thing which comes to my mind is always her smile. She was a strong-willed and a very optimistic lady. I wish to become as strong as her and also aspire to be a good mother like her. I am sharing tips from my mom I am thankful for.

I lost her a few years back but all her teachings and learnings are still there with me and help me to be a good mother to my daughters. And I learnt to be a mother from her.

One thing which I and my siblings learnt from her is to be positive in every situation. She taught us to look at things differently. She used to take all her decisions very fast and believed that overthinking is not good as it makes our decisions weak.

Also, she taught us to stand up for what is right and show people how to treat you right. Do not ever take any nonsense from anybody.

She was also a very good cook and managed home and work perfectly. I still use all her tips and tricks while cooking. She never allowed any wastage of food and used leftovers in different recipes like leftover dal for dal parathas next day, bread for bread crumbs, milk for paneer and homemade curd etc.

One best tip which I always follow is to add little oil while kneading chapati dough. It makes rotis soft and they stay fresh for a long time if making in advance.

She always taught us to take care of our skin and hair. I follow the same thing with my daughters now. I am always after them to apply moisturisers and lip balms. My mom believed in benefits of mustard oil and although we used to hate its smell, we all used it for our skin and hair when we were small.

Last but not least, her well-balanced approach to parenting is something which I want to learn and use with my daughters. I and my siblings knew a difference between good and bad very well. We knew that if we ever do something wrong, it can affect our parents. The key is the trust factor which kept us all grounded.

A mom is irreplaceable and as much as I miss her, I want to remember her happily. And right now I am happily remembering all these tips and tricks from her and sharing with you all. πŸ™‚

This week in #ThankfulThursdays share with us your mom’s favorite tips with us. I am sure you also have a list of tips from mom.