As someone who loves shopping, I have slowly moved from shopping in malls or shops to online shopping. Initially, it was not easy and it took me some time to get used to it but now I find it much more convenient than going out to shop. E-commerce platforms have changed how, where, and how frequently we shop. I realized the benefits of online shopping slowly and just love it now. There is nothing like sitting and shopping from the comfort of your own home. During the last 18 months, add safety to convenience and benefits from shopping online.

You can actually buy a product sitting at one place, receive it the next day and try at the convenience of your home and send it back if you don’t like it. This is the power of online shopping and e-commerce websites.

Benefits of online shopping-

Benefits of online shopping and Ecommerce websites

Same-day delivery – It is the best part of online shopping for me. If you need something urgently, many online portals provide same-day delivery options. One of my favourite online shopping platforms is Amazon and it’s the most convenient in terms of delivery, easy returns, and a variety of products. It is my go-to platform for anything from clothes to footwear and from home products to food items.

As a mom, many times you have to rush to the market for kids’ products. But thanks to the same-day delivery option, it’s so convenient. For our recent trip, same-day delivery was a blessing as we didn’t have much time to shop before travelling. We booked our tickets last minute and online shopping on Amazon was my savior. I found everything I was looking for and the same-day and one-day delivery options helped me to get everything I wanted.

Convenient and easy – I feel convenience is the biggest benefit of online shopping. Stores during sales and festivals are jam-packed. You can avoid long queues and festive rush by shopping online. There are long lines in front of payment counters and you can avoid it all. Also, you can save travelling time and shop from your home or office. It can save you time and money.

There is no time constraint too. The online shops are open 24×7 and you can shop according to your convenience. There is constant access to promotions and discounts on products in online stores.  One more thing which is beneficial is that there is no compulsive shopping that normally happens while shopping in stores due to salesman convincing. Another thing that I really find convenient is grocery shopping. Some portals deliver products within 15-30 minutes of ordering. How cool is that? You don’t have to rush to the store every time you need anything while cooking or when you have some last-minute guests.

Compare and save – Online shopping can save you money too. There are so many e-commerce platforms that you can easily compare the prices and go for the best deal. To attract customers, the online portals have huge discounts and deals. The only thing you need is a little patience and you can get good products for a good price.

There are different products on display and you can purchase a product after a good search. For our recent trip, we had to buy woolen stuff and there was so much variety online. We could easily compare and buy the good stuff. I loved the variety of different online stores and we not only got the right products according to our need but also got some good deals.

Payment convenience – Online payment systems have made online shopping much easier and convenient. Contactless and digital payments have changed the way people shop in India. The best part is that all the big e-commerce platforms have different payment options and a customer can easily pay according to their convenience and liking.

Real-time payment solutions like UPI are really convenient and are a preferred mode for many. It is a safe mode of payment while shopping online. Due to the current situation, now every e-commerce website has all the payment options. Also, the payments are 100% safe and fraud-free. Payments on e-commerce platforms are safe and secure because most of them follow the PCI DSS standard.

But I heard of the recent ban by RBI on the storage of card details on websites and e-commerce platforms. While this move is supposed to improve security, it also makes it slightly difficult for consumers to have a seamless payment experience. They now have to put in their credit card details every time they make a purchase. I feel this move can be a hassle for customers.

Although the motive for this initiative is to make the whole process secure and safe, it can actually drive people away from online shopping. Most of the e-commerce platforms already follow the PCI DSS standard. So, restrictions should not be imposed on the websites. I am equally happy that the RBI has relented and given the industry more time to think about the tokesnisation as the right solution or there should be an alternate mechanism. Easy returns and personalized shopping experience – Returns, easy pickup, and exchange policies while shopping online is like the cherry on the cake.

While shopping for clothes or footwear, you can order stress-free as you can always return or exchange the product. The best part is that product is picked up from your place in a day or two and you get an immediate refund for it. Stores can have different policies too. So, you can check it before ordering.

The virtual shopping experience has one more benefit that makes it more interesting. Many online portals provide personalized shopping experience. The products are shown according to your likes and taste. Some of the online websites also suggest products according to your previous purchase and also according to your size and fit to make it easy for you to shop.

Apart from these 5, there are many more benefits of online shopping. You get firsthand experience of products without the help of any salesman. The shopping experience is hassle-free and an easy way to save money. The choice online is also amazing. There is so much variety to choose from as you can find all the brands under one portal. One more thing that I love about online shopping portals is that sending a gift to loved ones is so easy now. You can choose any gift according to a person’s liking, age, preference, etc. Also, the shopping can be private and guarded. You can shop without any involvement or disturbance.

E-commerce platforms have changed the way we shop and the benefits in terms of cost, convenience, and quick deliveries are amazing. But the current situation has also dramatically changed the way people shop. It has also impacted the retailers and the retail sector. The number of online and e-commerce platforms has increased recently as there is a shift in the way people shop in India now. People are moving fast to digital space to avail benefits of online shopping.

Have you heard about AR? Some retailers and online shop owners are now experimenting with AR or augmented reality shopping experiences too. I am sure this is going to further change the way people shop online. In this, one can actually try the products before buying them. You can try the clothes, footwear, etc. before making a decision.

With e-commerce platforms, it feels like the world is at your fingertips. The benefits of online shopping are immense. The shopping experience has become a social experience where you not only find good products but also share them with your family and friends with just a click of a button. The Internet has revolutionized the shopping experience.

I love online shopping and find it really convenient especially being a work-from-home mom. And hence I find the narrative of banning or penalizing the e-commerce players counterproductive to the consumer interests. What about you? Do you also like shopping online or do you prefer to visit a store or mall? Do let me know the benefits of online shopping and E-Commerce websites according to you in the comments below.