Dubai is a multicultural city that offers the best of everything. Often referred to by many as the “vegas of the desert,” this fascinating city has managed to draw the attention of various globetrotter. It is one of the reasons why the number of tourists flocking to this city is increasing consistently at a steady pace. If you want to have a good trip to Dubai in 2022, make sure you go prepared. Else, the vastness of the city can make you feel you’ve hardly seen anything or explored the real Dubai during your trip.

To make it pretty easier for you, we’ve listed down some really crucial tips that are sure to ensure you have a worthwhile trip. So let’s quickly check out the tips shared below.

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Choose the right Season to Visit Dubai

Due to its geographical location, Dubai mostly witnesses warm weather throughout the year. However, the period between November and March is favourable for tourists as the weather is comparatively less warm with a cool breeze flowing around. This period is ideal for travellers who are visiting Dubai to explore the various landmarks and indulge in outdoor activities. Summer months are extremely hot in Dubai, so schedule your visit during the summer months only if necessary.

If you want to witness the larger-than-life New Year celebrations, Dubai shopping festival, and other events in Dubai, plan your visit during mid-November to mid-February. The first half of March is also an excellent time to visit as the weather is pleasant and the crowd is less.

Research Well & Prepare a Personalized Itinerary

Given the scale of Dubai, it is easy for first-time visitors to get lost in the sea of various activities, landmarks, and iconic sightseeing spots. This is why it is essential to prepare a customized itinerary based on your travel duration. Also, decide if you’re more of a foodie, history buff, adventure lover, nightlife explorer, or a lover of everything fancy.

Depending on the nature you’ve picked, start listing down places worth visiting that match your interest or personality type mentioned above. It will ensure your Dubai trip is filled with tons of exciting destinations and there is hardly any dull moment. You can also take the help of resources put on the internet by travel vloggers or bloggers who have recently been to Dubai to prepare your itinerary.

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Apply for a Tourist Visa in Advance

Dubai is one destination where Indians cannot get a visa on arrival. So, getting a pre-approved tourist visa is a must for Indian travellers heading to Dubai this calendar year. To ensure your Dubai trip doesn’t get delayed due to visa issues, always apply for the Dubai tourist visa for Indians months in advance of the scheduled travel date. If your travel history is clean and all the submitted documents and details are correct, you can get your visa approved within a few days of submitting the application and documents.

Be Aware of the Different Modes of Transportations

Commute costs can make or break any travel budget, and your Dubai trip won’t be an exception. If you have planned to visit multiple landmarks, activity spots, etc., that are pretty distant from your place of stay, you might end up shelling quite a lot of money on transportation. To keep this cost to the minimum, avoid travelling too much by cab. It’s better, you opt for public transportation like buses and metros.

You can check the local bus route and metro route to your shortlisted destinations and note them down in your itinerary for convenience – the more inexpensive modes of transport you choose, the better. You can also buy a metro pass or a bus pass to save further.

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Pre-book Accommodation & Airfare to Avail the Best Prices

It shouldn’t really come across as a surprise that booking flight tickets and hotels cost more if you book them a few days or even a few weeks prior to the actual travel date. To save on these expenses, you should book your flight at least two months before the date you plan to travel. The same rule applies to booking your hotels as well.

If you cannot do it for any reason, look for travel websites that offer a good discount on round-trip tickets. You can also look for Airbnb listings that fall within your budget. Accommodation and flight tickets make a major part of any travel expenses. So if you can lower them down, you’ll have a decent budget to enjoy a splendid vacation in Dubai.

Practical Ways to Save Money

Saving money on international travel is not as difficult as many think it to be. If you’re heading to Dubai in 2022, you can easily save much money by buying travel passes. For example, bus or metro passes sightseeing tour packages, tickets to major sightseeing locations in a bundle, etc. There are many trustworthy travel websites that offer such passes. This can not only save you money but also save time. You would otherwise spend time standing in front of ticket booths of major landmarks or activity spots.

Besides, you can also look for coupons from popular coupon code websites. This will help you get an instant discount on almost everything. Another great and practical way to save money is by looking for restaurants or eateries that host happy hours for a budget-friendly meal or some quick bites. Booking accommodation near a metro station is another way to save some extra money.

Tips for a Worthwhile Dubai Trip

Besides the tips shared above, we have some additional tips from seasoned travellers’ diaries for you.  So let’s check what seasoned globetrotters have to say.

Get a Travel Insurance

Though not mandatory, getting travel insurance gives all travellers peace of mind. When you buy travel insurance, you are securing yourself and others travelling with you (those covered in the insurance) against financial liabilities arising from losing a passport, COVID emergency in the travel destination, baggage theft, missed flights, change in travel dates, flight delays, etc. So make sure you secure yourself and other travellers under really good travel insurance.

Keep Your Documents Handy

If you love the idea of a smooth travel journey, you should always keep the essential documents handy. Be it your passport, visa, hotel booking receipt, or flight tickets, having them all handy is good. It ensures that you go through the entire checkout process at the airport pretty quickly.

Start Saving Early

A cliché yet a significantly important tip every globetrotter swears by. If you’re heading on a foreign trip, you wouldn’t want to curb every other temptation of buying or trying things. To enjoy an international trip to the fullest, you need to start saving money early. Start saving money by cutting down unwanted expenses a few months before your trip.

Carry Some Extra Money

This is a tip that can save you when you least expected it to. Extra money harms no one, and the same goes for tourists. When in a new place, you might end up needing extra cash in some unplanned situations. If you have extra money handy, you’ll rarely face any difficulty. While in Dubai, carry some extra cash in Dirhams, as it is the currency in use there.

If you manage to take into account all the tips discussed above, you’re certain to have a spectacular trip to Dubai. We have laid down the foundation of planning a pleasant trip for you. Make sure you follow all these for the best results.