I started my blogging journey 5 years back with my self-hosted website in 2016. With no prior knowledge, things were not that easy but I learnt along the way and it’s been a fun journey. My blog helped me to share my knowledge, my expertise, my experiences, and of course networking too. I met a lot of blogger friends in this journey and one of the friends is Ruchi. So, when Ruchi published her book about blogging, I knew it would be a must-read. I just finished reading this amazing book and will be reviewing – Bloggers unplugged by Ruchi Verma for you.

About the author –

Ruchi Verma, well known and multiple award-winning Blogger listed among the 50 topmost influential content marketing professionals and Certified Teen parenting practitioners. She started her blogging journey as she wanted to share and learn with everyone. 7 years in this blogging journey she learned a lot, and this book is her dream to share back the knowledge with others that she gained.

About the book – Bloggers unplugged by Ruchi Verma

Blogging is one of the known professions, but the hard work, dedication, and planning go behind a successful blog that is always underestimated. There are myths about bloggers that they work only for free, to get free stuff, or just to kill the time.

But, there are many challenges every blogger face in their day-to-day life and excel in that to stay in this blogging world. This e-book is a sneak peek into bloggers’ life called Bloggers Unplugged to know more about their life. It will be helpful for new bloggers who are starting their blog with different blogging terminology but in a little fun way.

What I liked –

When I started my blogging journey, I really wished there were some easy-to-follow and helpful blogging books or resources out there. But at that time, things were different. Neither was there so much awareness about blogging nor were there any helpful resources. This book is surely going to help any new bloggers who are looking for answers to various topics related to blogging.

I really liked the fact that Ruchi has covered almost everything in the book to make it helpful for new bloggers. Also, the writing is simple and easy to follow. She has explained things in such a manner that anyone can easily understand.

I believe this book is not only for newbies in the blogging journey but for seasoned bloggers too. Even after 5 years, I am still learning and this book has so many chapters which helped me to learn something new.

Other than this, I loved the creative and book cover. I strongly believe that pictures make a book all the more interesting and it was so much fun to look at all the pictures to go with each chapter. They added a fun element to the book. I think it was a wonderful idea by Ruchi.

Although all the chapters are really good. Here are some of my favourite chapters from the book–

  1. SEO – What should be taken care of for SEO? After so many years, I am still learning something new about SEO every day. This chapter has some great tips.
  2. Collaboration and community – This chapter talks about the importance of community and collaboration.
  3. Handles – It’s about how social media channels are as important as a blog.
  4. Views- This chapter talks about page views, domain authority, and unique views, etc.
  5. Keywords – This chapter talks about how keywords are important if you want to rank on Google.

Something to add –

In all my book reviews, I normally give a suggestion regarding the book especially if I find anything missing. But in this book, I have nothing to suggest as it is a wonderful book with everything in place. I hope Ruchi comes up with a second part in the future with some more topics related to blogging.

A Roundup –

If you are a new blogger who is looking for answers to their questions about blogging, you must check out this book. It’s a practical and easy-to-understand book with some wonderful tips and tricks. You can read this book to set up the nuts and bolts of your blog and I am sure if you follow the tips, you will see the results soon. Download this book here.