Children eagerly look forward to holidays as they get their much-needed break from their busy life at school. Mothers -not so much! Sometimes it does become a challenge to keep children busy during holidays. With house chores and cooking all day – if you are unable to find some ideas – let us help you here with some fun ideas and Flintobox review.

Here are some simple ideas for your children to utilize their time in holidays effectively –

1) Popsicle Stick Crafts

Who knew that ice creams that your kids eat, their sticks can be used to make interesting and colourful crafts. Try a pencil stand, cardholder, picture frames or cute puppets. Also, read Craft ideas for kids for Christmas holidays. 

2) Paper crafts

Origami, the art of folding paper into interesting shapes is not only informative but also helps pass their time for them. Check Youtube channels and get creative. Children can also make fascinating paper masks of their favourite cartoon characters, jungle animals or Marvel characters.

3) Family Tree

Children love a mystery and history hunting can be just that. Ask your children to collect names, pictures and relationships of people across generations in your family or for a famous person. You may want to help your children with this activity. You can also ask them to add dates, birthplaces to make this more interesting and complex.

4) Jewellery –

If you have girls, then they would simply love this. Your kids can easily make jewellery. Try from a variety of beads, wires, plastic flowers, paper, ribbons, buttons, felt – there is no dearth of materials that are available to make jewellery. Check this link for some inspiration.

5) Gardening

Gardening is not only an educational activity but also good to inculcate values about green earth in children. Help your children plant new pots with saplings. Select plants that they know about or have heard about. Ask them to take care of and water their plants every day.

6) Collage scavenger hunt

Have a pile of newspapers/magazines/books that are lying around and are serving no purpose at all? Here is a good way to put them to use – create a scavenger hunt for them. Create a long list of things from these – like a blue colour, a red dress, someone wearing a white hat or something that is silver in colour. The more the books and magazines – the tougher it becomes. You can change the complexity of this as per the age of the child.

7) Know about your country

This may be challenging for children. Ask your children to learn about facts about India and organize a quiz with some gifts. You can also do this if you have some children living in your neighbourhood.

8) Cooking

This may be applicable for children who are 5 years and above. If you have kids younger than 5, you can take them grocery shopping with you. Start with cooking that is fireless –like assembling a sandwich/burger or a simple salad. You can ask them to peel vegetables or ask them to help you with basic chores. If children seem to take interest move to cooking. Caution – stay with your children always.

9) Worksheets

These days you have tons of worksheets that are available for all classes and subjects available online. Download them according to the interest of the child.

10) Educational Kits

Kits like Flintobox are a boon for parents. They are creative, logical and extremely educative. These boxes push your child’s limits to try and invent/discover/ make something new as per the theme of the month. I heard a lot about Flintobox activity box from my friends and recently subscribed for 3 months activity box for my daughter. The different kits are customised according to your child and age. The first kit (8-12years) which we got is on Ocean world theme. It includes 3 different activities called ocean painting, ocean lamp and an ocean expedition.

My daughter immediately started the first activity and enjoyed it completely. She made a beautiful ocean lamp and an ocean painting.

What is Flintobox?

Flintobox is an educational and learning activity box for your child. The box is customised every month according to kids age. There are different activities in the box according to a particular theme and are packed in a box and shipped to the child. It is a properly designed box with different kits and your child can decide to do any one kit which he likes first. It is something which can creatively engage your kids and encourages them to use their imagination and explore creativity.

My Flintobox review as a mom –

These days kids are hooked to gadgets and TV. I also saw a big inclination towards all this in my tween. At this age, the biggest challenge is to convince them to try something new and to my surprise,  she immediately liked the Flintobox activities. I am happy to see her not only enjoying the Flintobox but also learning new things. It’s obviously better than watching TV and using gadgets. Its a perfect combination of fun+creativity+learning. 

My daughter’s Flintobox review –

I love the activities in the box and finished it very fast. I am happy that I got ocean theme activity kits as it’s my favourite. It is very easy to do and fun activity box and I want to try all other activity boxes too. Now I am waiting for the next box to come as I am excited to know the next theme.

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Flintobox review