Blogging these days is not only about writing. If you want your writing to reach other people, you need to know the right social media tips, tricks, and tools. Also, you must know how to use them for your benefit as a blogger. I made a list of common social media questions asked by new bloggers.

You have to be an influencer and learn how to do content marketing. If you want people to follow you, make sure you create a brand identity across different social media channels. There are many social media channels where you can share your content.

This post is in continuation to our first post about common questions asked by new bloggers and the answers.

Common social media questions asked by new bloggers –

Which social media channels are recommended for a blog?

Three main channels on which you must make an account are – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Second, comes Google plus and Pinterest. After that, WhatsApp is also a very good medium to share your posts. If you have an account on Linkedin, slowly you can start sharing your posts there too. Do not make accounts on all the channels in the starting itself but go slow and decide which ones are best for your niche.

How to make it related to my blog?

First of all, try to keep the same name for all your social media pages as your blog. That way it’s not only relatable but also, easy for anyone to remember your pages. For example, My Facebook and Instagram pages handles are @kreativemommy too.

The second step, make it more personalised by adding your picture or something related to your niche. Also, add an ‘about me’ with some information related to your blog and share it with all your family and friends to know about your page. You can send an invite to people to follow you on all your pages.

Followers are a must as many brands look for your follow count before giving any sponsored post especially if it’s for a social media campaign.

Thirdly, start sharing your posts on all the channels whenever you publish it on your blog. This is one way to let people know that you published a new post.

How to use hashtags while sharing on social media?

Hashtags are very important, especially on Twitter and Instagram. For example, if your post is related to parenting, kids, and moms. The hashtags you can use are – #Parenting, #moms, #momlife etc. If it’s about food, you can use the hashtags like #food, #nutrition, #health #foodies etc.

You can even search for the popular hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and use those. You can use almost 10-11 hashtags on Instagram but make sure not to use too many on Twitter. One to two is more than enough. Hashtags make your posts more searchable.

How to make sure my social media channels link back to my blog?

Include your website link in the about me section on Facebook, Profile section on Instagram, and in website section on Twitter. Same ways you must include your blog link on any other social media channel you are using.

How to make sure your blog links back to your social media channels?

Once you are ready with your social profiles, make sure you add these to your website with a FOLLOW ME option on your blog. You can use specific plugins like ‘Sumo Me’ or ‘Add this’ for adding follow buttons on your website. These plugins are easy to use.

How to make people follow my social media channels?

Once you are ready with everything, the next question is to find followers. It takes time and the first obvious step is to start following others in the same niche. There are chances they will follow you but not guaranteed. Also, do not follow anyone and everyone blindly. It’s better to maintain a balance in the number of followers and following. When someone follows you, do check their profile and follow back only if it looks real and interests you. Following back is one way to retain followers.

What all can I post on my social media channels?

Other than sharing your blog posts, you can share articles and posts from different bloggers which are of interest or your niche. Also, you can share quotes, images, and videos etc. with relevant hashtags.

How many times can I post in a day?

Thumb rule, one post minimum every day but so not overdo especially on Facebook. Tweets give you good exposure so that you can do multiple times a day. Instagram and Pinterest also 1-2 posts a day maximum.

As I mentioned in my previous post, patience is the virtue when it comes to blogging. Do not expect immediate results and follows. In fact, there is a limit to a number of follows in a day at most of the social media channels otherwise they penalize you. Try not to overdo anything and follow right people and get followed by right people.

Hope this list of common social media questions helped you to understand it better. If you have any more queries, you can ask me in the comments.

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