The education system in India has made some progress in the last few years. The new education policy (NEP) is a welcome change, but there is still a long way to go before our country changes. Also, good to see that education is evolving and people have an option other than just medical or engineering (limited branches). In this post, I am sharing about agriculture and environmental studies in India.

Agriculture and environmental studies –

There are different courses available in some universities across India. The courses are helpful to develop a basic understanding of both agriculture and the environment. Looking at the current situation, there is an emphasis on sustainability, environmental management, and rural development, etc.

Environmental Science is a branch of science that studies the effects of the environment’s physical, chemical, and biological conditions and their effect on organisms. (1)

There are two main branches under environmental studies – Ecology which is a science of studying how organisms affect the environment and Atmospheric science which focuses on atmosphere studies.

Scope of environmental studies in India –

Not many people know but there is a big scope in environmental studies in India – both in the private and in the government sector.  There are graduate degrees available in some colleges after which there are options for researching Government organizations. One can also go for a master’s degree and later on can get a job in India or abroad.

Different job options are – Environmental consultant, photographer, filmmaker, journalist, wildlife journalist, waste management director, etc.

Different courses available in India – (1)

Certificate Courses:

Certificate Courses in Environmental Science & Environmental Studies

Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Environmental Science and law.

Bachelor Courses:

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Environmental Management & Water Management

Master Courses:

  • Master of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Environment
  • Master of Science in Environmental Management

Ph.D. Courses:

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science & Earth Science

Graduation after 12th grade – in Environmental Science is an undergraduate course that provides knowledge related to sustainable development, ecological sustainability, environmental health, etc. It is a 3-year degree and it consists of 6 semesters with a duration of 6 months each.

The students study different subjects to understand the environment and also various global environmental issues.

After a bachelor’s degree, one can apply for a master’s in India or abroad. There are a lot of international universities which offer agriculture and environmental studies-related courses.

Top Colleges/universities offering courses agriculture and environmental studies in India –

University of Delhi, Delhi

JNU, Delhi

Aligarh Muslim University, Jaunpur

National Environmental Research Institute, Nagpur

Amity University, Noida

Forest Research Institute, Dehradun

Other than these, you can check out the Indian Council of Agriculture Research website as they offer a lot of courses in different institutes and universities all over India.

There are separate courses available in both the fields of agriculture and environment and in some universities you can find a combination of both. I feel it’s important to spread awareness about these courses as it’s the need of the hour. We need more environmentalists and people who can study and take better care of our environment. If you feel, your child is interested in a different field, you must check out all the courses available.

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