I don’t review too many books but some books are worth reviewing. So, I recently read this book called Devi2Diva by Priya Florence Shah and loved it. The book is an emotional self-care book for women. It has many self-care tips for women and moms to improve your emotional health.

About the author –

Priya Florence Shah is an author, online branding consultant and runs an online branding agency in India. She is author and publisher of Naree.com and Naaree Talks podcast and creates online courses at Naaree Academy. She also blogs about responsible family travel.

Her vision is to empower people, especially women, to become financially and emotionally independent, so they can overcome their limitations, achieve the freedom they deserve, and live their best lives.

About the book –

This book is an ode to the spirit of womanhood. It has some great advice for women to follow and change their life in a positive way. If you love short self-help books for women, I am sure you will love the tips for women to improve their mental and emotional health. Along with the book, there is a link to the self-help course inside which you get for free when you buy the book. The book is divided into 24 unique chapters that are related to everything a woman goes through in her life.


What I liked –

I was nodding my head all along while reading the book and it surely helped me in many ways. That’s a sign of a good and impactful book.

This book and course give you the motivation and inspiration to break free from the shackles of your own limiting beliefs. I like the fact that it shares tips to stop measuring yourself by other people’s expectations and accept yourself fully and completely for who you are and choose to be.

Something to add –

I wish there were some pictures in between and also few of the chapters were a little small. Otherwise, for a non-fictional book, it is one of the best I read recently.

A roundup –

I am sure you will relate to many things mentioned in the book in some way or the other. The compelling pointers in these pages are all related to our everyday stories and happen around us all the time. The tips in these pages may give you the impetus to try new things and take the steps you need to create your own daring moments in life or try new things.

This book Devi2Diva celebrates different shades of women. If you are looking for an inspiring self-help book, order it today and be ready to be a changed woman. So, are you ready to be a Diva from Devi?