As a professional photographer, one of my most joyful times is capturing portraits of kids.
Toothless Grins & naughty expressions make for great memories that last a lifetime. Here are a few tips to click good kids pictures from the arsenal that have helped me along the way –

Good kids pictures

Let kids be kids!
Don’t force the child/children to strike perfect poses. They will make a mess and dirty their fingers. Those are moments that will make endearing pictures.

Focus on Child’s mood or personality
Some children are camera-friendly but some are very shy or facing the camera the first time. Let the pictures be reflective of his or her mood, on that day.

Sometimes Candid is best
For birthdays or other events, when music is on, people are chattering, it’s wise to take candid shots.

Beautiful pictures clicked by Rohini

Keep a few props or toys handy
While shooting with Toddler or young kids, a Tiara or a toy or even a deck of animal cards can be handy to evoke interest & expressions from the child.

Little details also make great pictures
Close up shots of their hands while they are creating something, make lovely pictures. Or try to take close up shots of their feet in the grass or on the beach!

Crack a joke-
It’s a great ice breaker. Kids love to laugh and if you can amuse them, you will get good expressions in the pictures.

Understand your device’s capability
A DSLR will give beautiful results, especially a portrait lens. But one may not be able to match the same results on a mobile phone. So, it’s better to understand exactly what kind of images your device is best suited to deliver.

Invest in a Digital photo frame
Although, this is optional! We take so many photos in digital format but how many do we print and frame? This option enables you to replay all your memories.

Lastly, Have fun along the way!
Make the process of photoshoot fun, silly and enjoyable for yourself and the child.
After all, it’s better to collect moments, not things! These were some tips to click good kids pictures. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Author Bio – 

Rohini is a trained photographer as well as a Fashion Retail Professional. After gaining 10 years of fruitful experience in the Retail sector, she trained in Photography to take better images of her child. What started as a passion turned into a new profession. Although she misses her corporate career, starting her own photography practice allows her to explore her talent as well as be there for her child. Portraiture and Nature are her favourite photography subjects.

You can follow her on her Fb page.