Do you have an Instagram account? Do you have a Tik Tok account or YouTube channel? These are the first few questions brands and PRs ask these days from bloggers. Nobody asks about your blog reach and I am sure the bloggers who started blogging at least 3 years back can relate to this. Earlier it was all about your blog numbers, blog views and reach but nowadays everyone asks about social media reach.

Don’t you think visual content has taken over the written content? Looks like no one has time to read these days and everyone prefers watching a video or they find pictures more appealing. INFLUENCER is this new term for those who are posting visual content and writing few lines related to that.

Letter from a blogger

Blogging journey-

Almost a decade back, blogging was a new and attractive thing and many shifted from online journals to their personal blogs. Mom bloggers, sports bloggers, entertainment bloggers, tech bloggers, —you name the interest and there were bloggers writing in their own particular niche. There were blogging communities and groups to help each other where bloggers would discuss topics and help each other out.

Also, many bloggers were able to monetize their blogs successfully. It actually went from just an interest and hobby to serious business.

How it has changed –

I started kreativemommy almost 4 years back and thoroughly enjoyed the initial phase of experimenting, writing, and learning. Looks like the blogging world is losing its sheen to social media and visual content. One of the reasons can be a shorter attention span of people these days.

Many microblogging services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler, etc were still there but it looks like these days people prefer just microblogging to blog. People who write a few lines on Instagram call themselves as microbloggers. And why not? Even brands prefer visual marketing to content writing these days. Maybe its time to change and adapt. Blogging has changed a lot and it’s important to adapt and go with the trends if you are in the business. After all, the only thing constant in life is change.

Time to change as a blogger-

As you have to go with the flow, I have been trying to post good content and pictures on Instagram too but I strongly believe there is still a place for blogs that create good content. The blogs that create compelling, interesting, entertaining content will always get good readership. The only difference is that now such blogs have a competition and have to compete in an ever-changing blogosphere where everyone wants to take a short cut.

I started blogging for the love of writing.  But I miss those days of pure blogging when it was all about sharing your thoughts and getting good views, genuine comments and interactions. It’s true that blogging and content creation has changed, and no doubt it will keep on changing as digital marketing evolves. But for me, a blog is still a really important part of content creation. I still get good views, and people read my posts and comment on them. And for me, there is nothing better than pouring my heart out in a few words in the form of a blog post.

Do let me know in the comments below if you are a blogger and can relate to my thoughts. Also, if you have something to add to it.