Daughters are the best and my two angels are the best gift from God. I believe a daughter is her mom’s reflection. When I see both of them, I see my reflection in them. Now when they are growing up so fast, there are so many moments when I feel connected as a friend than as a mother.

They both tease me for being a selfie lover. I love taking selfies and my friends call me selfie queen. I must have taken thousands of selfies alone and with friends and family in the last few years but this one selfie is special. Whenever I look at it, the emotions just overflow as it is just overwhelming.

I took this selfie a few months ago with my elder one when she had her 10th-grade farewell. She wore a saree for the first time and looked so pretty and all grown up all of a sudden. The emotions which I felt that time cannot be described in words. A mom of a teenager goes through a lot of emotions. There are times of laughter, joy, and there is also frustration and confusion that comes with being a parent of a teenager.

When she saw tears in my and her dad’s eyes, she was confused and asked me, “Mom! why are you crying? Am I not looking good?” She didn’t know that these tears were of a proud mom and dad who are going to treasure them forever. So that when they look back at this selfie, they can relive the moment.

I can’t wait to see her go out in the world and spread her wings. But, on the other hand, I already started getting the empty nest feeling. I have tears in my eyes whenever I look at this selfie, and it’s one of my favourites due to many reasons. This selfie takes me back to the time when she was a baby or when she started walking or when she made us all proud of so many small things. Pictures are one way to look back and remember those times. The time that just flew and that’s why I call it an emotional mom selfie and a selfie full of pride and love.

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My selfie with my reflection is my favourite as it has mom and daughter’s emotions attached to it. Do you also have a favourite selfie or an emotional selfie?