It always breaks my heart to think of all those moms who have to suffer only because they gave birth to girls. And all those daughters who are not given the love and respect they actually deserve.

When my second daughter was born, people were really worried about us. And they were so concerned that they used to ask me questions and give comments –

“Are you happy?”

“Don’t you think your family would have been complete if it was a boy?”

And even if I didn’t say anything to everyone except few close ones, I actually wanted to lash out at all of them and wanted to say, “They are our daughters and we are going to raise them. Why are you so worried?”

In our society, people want a son as they feel daughters are ‘Praya dhan’ and sons are the ones who are going to take care of them in the old age. My question to all of them, “What is the surety that your son is going to stay with you in your old age?” We have so many examples in our friend circles where sons are settled out of the country for work and daughters are nearby and taking care of the parents.

My daughters are my priority and I am proud of them. I do not see them as a burden and I do not agree with those who think that girls are any less than boys. Just ask those who do not have kids. Do you think a boy or a girl matters to them?

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Let’s raise our girls to be strong, Independent and capable. We should not give them a gender biased upbringing.

My parents never discriminated between my brother and me and I am proud of my upbringing. Therefore, same way, I also want to give the best of everything to my girls.  I cannot change what others think but I can just hope for a change and a better and beautiful world for our daughters.



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A for Affection

B for Believe

C for Confidence

D for Dance 

E for Extracurricular

F for Food

G for Guilty

H for Hacks 

I for Independent

J for Joint or Nuclear

K for Kindness

L for Looks 

M for Money

N for Nutrition

O for Overprotective

P for Poles apart

Q for Questions

R for Reading

S for Summer Vacations

T for Temper Tantrums

U for Unwanted pressure

V for Visit