Kindness, empathy, helpful, and compassionate are few qualities which we all want to see in our children. You can’t teach your kids to be kind or empathetic but you can show them by example. Be a role model and children always learn better by watching. Our world actually needs kindness and love. It is our duty as parents to teach next generation all these and be role models for them. I amsharing how ot raise empathetic kids.

  • Help others and get your kids involved in everything you do.
  • Try not to shout or talk badly with other people especially in front of your kids.
  • Be considerate of other people.
  • Do not judge others on the basis of looks, race, religion or community.
  • Teach them to be generous and kind to others by helping the needy.

I also feel that parents should not get involved in kids fights. Kids forget easily and become friends again. As much as I want to get involved, I avoid it. I feel kids need to work it out on their own. But Of course, if it gets too far, then we can talk to the parents.  Fights do happen but sometimes it’s good to let go of some friends, others are worth fighting for.

I wrote about Kindness in my #AtoZchallenge post here. Please read to know more about teaching kindness and empathy to kids.

Now you share with us – How do you teach your children empathy and kindness? Also, if you have any tips on how ot raise empathetic kids.


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