I am turning 40 today. Although it’s a milestone birthday and I am supposed to feel different but all I can feel is excitement. I remember the time when I turned 30 and that surely felt different. That time my excitement at the thought of an upcoming birthday was replaced with anxiety and various emotions.

If the last 10 years of my life taught me anything, it is to celebrate the little things and to find joy in the small things. Of course, a milestone birthday leaves you reflective but this year it’s not the same. I feel like the same person as I was a few years ago.

The bottom line is that I am not afraid of 40 or the laugh lines and blemishes that I already have. I heard life gets even better in this decade so just waiting for it to unravel. My parents taught me to always count my blessings. They always said that when we take time to thank God for all His blessings, we feel good. It’s all about acknowledging what we already have instead of crying over the spilled milk.

In my 20’s, I cared about people and what they think about me but this all went out of the window slowly in my 30’s. And now when I am turning 40, it’s all about what I think and not what others think. There comes a point in life when you have to let others stop influencing your life. In the last decade, I learnt to let go and find peace as you can’t control everything in life.

As I start a new journey this year, I want to make sure it’s all worthwhile as I don’t want to look back on a long list of unfulfilled dreams, thinking about how I would have done it differently. I feel one should live a life that’s true to them and dream big. I always had a long list of something extras in my life which I wanted to accomplish and it’s never too late to start.

The biggest realisation for me while turning 40 is that I love and enjoy this phase of my life unlike any other phase in my life. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I am going to start writing my own story keeping myself on the top of my to-do list. So, friends let’s have some cake and celebrate as 40 is the new 20!

I look at 40 as a positive and I won’t say I am a 40-year-old woman but I would call myself a young 40-year-old.

Do let me know in comments about your thoughts and reflections on your milestone birthdays.