“The kitchen is like a heart of the home.”

The kitchen used to be my favourite place when I was small. Not because I loved cooking but I used to experiment with different things. My mom was a great cook and used to make many different things for all of us. So, there are a lot of memories attached to the kitchen and the food.

Today, many gadgets and products are available which were not available earlier. These gadgets and products have made our life easier and simpler. Here is my list of products from my kitchen-

Recently I attended an event by Preethi kitchen appliances called ‘Blog Jam 2017’ where bloggers were introduced to different products from Preethi. They have a wide range of products like mixer grinder, Juicer, chopper, Electric kettle, Coffee maker, Hand blender, electric pressure cooker, and Iron.

It was a very well organised meet and it was great listening to the speakers. The famous food blogger Archana from Archana’s kitchen gave some great tips about blogging. Also, Vishal Sikka from Google told us about digital advertising and how to use it for our website.

I tried the Preethi Turbo chop which is a multi-utility chopper. It is a mini chutney maker, can do the perfect chopping, pureeing, mincing and grinding. A few days back, I tried it for chopping methi leaves for methi parantha and they came out perfect. It is a one touch product which is very easy to use.



My another favourite is my Glen electric tandoor. My family loves it as we try many different things in it like tandoori Rotis, Parathas, pizza, tandoori chicken etc. The best part is that it is pretty fast comparative to an oven.

My kids love Italian food and I try red and white sauce pasta with different combinations for them. Mostly I make my own red and white sauce but I love Delmonte pizza and pasta sauce. It is perfect for giving that authentic Italian taste to pasta.

Storage is a very important part of any kitchen. It is crucial to store all our stuff in air tight containers to avoid spilling or from going bad. I avoid using plastic in my kitchen and recently moved to only glass containers for storage and for use in a microwave. My favourite is Luminarc air tight glass containers.

Last but not least, I love my oats which I use to experiment with everything these days. I use powdered oats in wheat flour for chapatis and parathas. Also, mix it in gravies and soups to make them healthy. My favourite is quaker oats which are easily available online too.

What are your favourite kitchen products/gadgets? Share it with other moms as we love trying new products in our kitchen.

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