One teen and one tween in the house? Hmm..It can be hard! – One of my friends told me a few days back and it made me think of how kids change with each stage.

I can see so many changes in them but especially in my teenager which make me think, “She is really a big girl now”.

  1. Excited or not excited? –

Every day, I observe something new or something different about her.  For example, “Back to school” used to be such an exciting time for both my kids. (It is still exciting for my tween though).  When we were planning to decide on new stuff for the school like a new bag, new lunch box, and new water bottle for next session, my teenager goes, “I don’t want anything new, I can use my old bag, it is in a good condition”.

Actually, it’s not a big thing and I should be happy that I don’t have to convince them to use the same bag as it is fine but to my surprise, I WAS NOT 🙁

Maybe it’ a sign that she is growing up!

Conclusion- Your teen won’t be excited about the stuff they used to be about and they will be excited about the stuff which was never on the list before.

  1. Looks matters-

A few days back while going to a friend’s birthday party, she asked if she can use kajal. I allowed her but it made me think of the time when she used to run away from any kind of makeup. Somewhere, I was happy that at least she has become conscious now but the same thought made me upset again and I wanted to shout,” Stop! Don’t grow up too fast!”

Conclusion- You are in for a surprise for many things as a teenager’s mom.

  1. I love you, mom. No, wait, I don’t like you!

Someday, it will look like she needs all the attention from you and some days, it will be “Leave me alone”. She can go from loving you to not liking you at all in a minute. The most common phrase which she uses, “Life is so unfair”. Sometimes, you will feel it is like a roller coaster ride.

Conclusion- You will feel as if you do not know what you are doing as teenager’s mom.

  1. I can’t hear you!

She wears earphones every day and all the time. It makes me think sometimes, “How much music can one hear in a day?”

“Mom, you are different!” When I tell her that I can’t wear earphones more than half an hour.

Conclusion- You can’t judge them by the things you used to do or not do as a teenager.

  1. Birthday party – 

A few days back we were discussing her birthday which is next month and she announced- “ I don’t want a birthday party like you used to do it earlier for me. I am going to plan it my way”.

And for me, that was another ” Don’t grow up so fast moment” like many other.

Conclusion- Event planning no more needed.

I am sure if I share it with her first, she will surely not allow me saying “It’s embarrassing”!

As much as I don’t want her to grow so fast and I am not sure if I am doing things right as a teenager’s mom but one thing I am sure that it’s a pleasure watching her grow into a woman 🙂

Share with me your stories with your teenage kids! Would love to read them!