In a world where truth is shunned and the ruling powers want you dumbed down, a tint of light will go a long way to shift the balances. Understanding homeschool pros and cons are the first steps for you to take back power and change a dark future! So, I am sharing some good reasons to home school your child.

Home school your child

If you were to get a dollar for every algebraic equation you can work out successfully, or every chemistry formula and reaction you can recall, how much ‘wealthier’ would you be?

As you ponder and meditate on that, most of us do feel short-changed when we look back at our lives. Yes, we do have our good days and unforgettable memories during our school years, but did you really get the actual value you paid for? Well, not you but your parents!

But of course, you also paid for it and will perhaps do so for the rest of your life. Time, they tell us, is money. I know I wasted a third of my life sitting in a caged classroom and I have nothing to show for it! Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t miserable – on the contrary – just that I’m not what I would have been having I get a different opportunity.

I digress! This article is not about showing you what a huge scam our education system is. There are a lot more books, articles, and activists who are hard at work trying to open people’s eyes on the reality of things. It’s about time we stop judging fish by their ability to climb imaginary trees! Let’s take a good look at homeschool pros and cons that you should consider instead of allowing homeschool doubts to satiate your every fiber.

Reasons to Home school your child

The reasons to homeschool your child will debunk some ‘truths’ that you’ve been led to believe from a tender age. If we can only get you to start asking questions, then we have achieved our objective even if you won’t be fully convinced! So, what reasons to homeschool are these that will get you reeling over the present school system?

Home school your child

Time! Time! and Time!

It’s hard imagining how parents feel when sending their kids away for a whole day by the age of three! Essentially, once they are out of your hands, the rift begins to develop that will only grow wider until they are old enough to leave. You can then only hope, beg and pray to see them once annually. We know of mothers who cry secretly when they realize their kids go out to study. Homeschooling pros and cons ensure that the severed bond from the uterus cord is compensated with time together, understanding each other, being a pillar for one another, and growing together as you reminisce on what it felt like playing with toys for 7-year-old boys.

You Follow your Homeschool-Made Curriculum

What would happen if a doctor gave the same medication to every patient who walked into his hospital? This is what both the private and public school does to your kiddo. Homeschool classifieds allows you to focus on the individuality of your child. Moreover, it enables you to teach them practical things that matter and allows them to take part in creating their timetables and curriculum. In the long run, this special education homeschool curriculum not only enables them to enjoy every bit of being a child but also ensures they mature at their own time into responsible adults.

Get to Nurture Social, Psychological, Emotional and Physical Aspects

Virtual homeschool groups ensure you get time to carry out homeschool physical education, allow your child to socialize with whoever at whatever time they feel like, nurture their emotional intelligence as they learn how to relate and manage people’s feelings and emotions.

Moreover, you get to go on more trips and field activities that expose all of you to a wider range of knowledge and physical fitness opportunities. The result is, your kiddo will become an independent thinker who can challenge the status quo and the commonly-held way of thought.

Come On, It’s Fun

Homeschooling is not just about giving you and your child a flexible schedule to operate by. The common factor for most parents when analyzing homeschooling pros and cons is the amount of fun for all parties involved. If you were to receive candy for every time you fell asleep in class back in the day you would probably have tooth decay. Homeschooling ensures your child is not bored with endless hours of silently sitting in class or periodic school runs as they try their best not to get late! The power is in our hands when it comes to homeschooling – that’s just liberty in a cup of fun!

Getting Started with Homeschooling is the Hardest Part!

Taking a stand from the accepted norm is the hardest part for most change drivers. Nonetheless, a step in the right direction is much preferable than backtracking and expecting different results. You love them too much to one day look back and regret your choices. Make sure you make the right choice.

What’s holding you back from trying out homeschooling? Share with us in the comment section and we will be glad to help in any way we can. Also, let us know if you home school your child and how do you like it.

Author’s Bio:

Ignorance is not bliss and the author knows just how expensive it can be. Amalia Liberman is a Christian wife and a mother of four as well as a novelist and writer. She is also a zoologist who’s specialized in marine life and thus lives by the sea. Her passions lead her to search out knowledge with all her searching and she doesn’t mind sharing her findings.