Life never ceases to amaze, isn’t it?  As they say, life is unpredictable, be ready for change and never get too comfortable. You never know what’s coming up next.

Not even a month back, things were completely different and an outbreak changed everything. Corona pandemic and lockdown surely taught us all a lot of things.

Managing without a maid and household help, managing with limited supplies and groceries, and the uncertainty of what’s coming up next has surely changed our perspective towards life. Due to lockdown, we all are getting a lot of time together as a family. Kids are surely going to remember this phase later as they are exploring a completely new world around them.

As a mom, I learnt a few lessons too. Although I make it a point that my kids learn to do their own work at home but with all the household help around and pressure of studies and other activities, it never happens. Due to the lockdown, they are washing their own dishes, helping around the house, trying their hands at cooking. Just hoping that they continue to do all this even after this phase is over.

Also, there are a few things that make us feel as we all went back to the ’90s. We are watching Ramayana and Mahabharata again with our kids, there is no Swiggy or Zomato food, playing ludo, snakes and ladders and carrom board, and relishing simple home-cooked meals. Along with all this, I introduced my daughters to many new dishes/recipes which we enjoyed in our childhood days and I am glad they loved it. Cheeni ka parantha, gud waale chawal, makhane ki sabzi and good old Maggi in a new avatar are the new additions to our menu courtesy the lockdown.

On the other hand, few things are a reminder that life is completely different with new advancements. There are online classes for everything. Yoga, cooking, school classes, and even karate class, etc. is proof of how technology is a big boon, especially at this time. Of course, we are just a call away from friends and family but we can’t deny the importance of human interaction. This is when video calls through WhatsApp, Zoom or other mediums like face time come to the rescue.

I won’t say it’s been easy as a mom. Especially when I heard of schools getting cancelled, complete lockdown and limited supplies. The pressure of managing kids, family and all household work with my work deadlines was overwhelming, to say the least, but slowly the things have settled. Now we laugh, sing and make jokes while doing household works together.

The kids have also realised how mom works from home. The good part is that I have little helpers at home to help me with my videos, to read and review my blog posts before submitting them to brands and to click pictures for brand campaigns.

Although there are days when I feel there were more than 24 hours in a day.  But this is a temporary phase, so let’s make it a happy one for our kids. Let this go down the memory lane with lots of stories of hugs, smiles, and spending happy times with family.

There is no doubt that life will not be the same after this pandemic is over. The world will be completely different when we emerge out of this isolation. But I am sure we all have learnt to appreciate even small things around us and health is everything. Also, we learnt that money, power and social status are of no use at times like these.

The biggest lesson learnt by all of us is to appreciate and to not take things for granted.

  • Let’s appreciate the importance of being healthy and safe and let’s be thankful that we are all safe with our families at home.
  • Let’s appreciate the freedom to go out at any time we want.
  • Lets appreciate our maids, workers, doctors, and community workers.

Also, let’s enjoy the silence, the peace around, the fresh air and greenery till it lasts. Flowers still bloom, it still rains, birds still chirp but I am sure we all will pay little more attention to all this once this lockdown gets over.

Do share the lessons you learnt from the corona pandemic and lockdown in the comments below.