Motherhood changes us, makes us strong, makes us protective, and surely little insane. It does change you and what you think. Many of us lose ourselves in the process of being moms without realising it. It is important not to lose your own identity after being a mother. Here are few things to follow and bring the zing back in your life-

  1. Take care of your health- Do not take your health for granted and go for a full health check-up once a year. We juggle so many things and forget to take care of our health. Follow a proper diet and do not skip any meal. Do not ignore any signs related to your body.
  2. Exercise- Take out some time for exercise daily if possible. Sticking to a fixed routine can be difficult for everyone. If you cannot follow a fixed routine, go for walks for half an hour every day.
  3. Alone time– Alone time is very important. Think of a time in a day when you can take out some alone time for yourself. Do anything which you enjoy or love to do in this “my alone time”. For example- Read a book, take a nap, chat with friends, or just meditate.
  4. Take up a hobby- Ask yourself- “What can I do to make me happier?” So, your next step should be to follow that one thing which makes you happy.
  5. Go out with friends– Socialising with friends is really important as it keeps you young, helps you to take a break from your mommy schedule. Create tea/coffee dates and who knows, maybe your friend also needs a break. And it’s the best way to add zing.
  6. Salon and spa- Take some time out for your beauty routines too. If you can’t go out, call for the home service. There is nothing wrong in feeling beautiful once in a while. It can be a great confidence booster.
  7. Keep romance alive– Go out with your husband for lunch, dinner, or even a coffee date. It’s good to come back to wife mode/girlfriend mode from mommy mode sometimes.
  8. Reward and award- Last but not leastdon’t doubt your mommy skills and feel low. Look at your child’s smile and feel like world’s best mom.



I am writing about Parenting for A to Z challenge and sharing my thoughts as a mother of a teen and a tween. Sharing my personal experiences as a mom and hope to help other moms and also learn from them through this challenge. Read all posts here. 

A for Affection

B for Believe

C for Confidence

D for Dance 

E for Extracurricular

F for Food

G for Guilty

H for Hacks 

I for Independent

J for Joint or Nuclear

K for Kindness

L for Looks 

M for Money

N for Nutrition

O for Overprotective

P for Poles apart

Q for Questions

R for Reading

S for Summer Vacations

T for Temper Tantrums

U for Unwanted pressure

V for Visit

W for Weight

X for X factor