With kids running around the house, sometimes I wonder if I ever can keep my house clean. As much I love having a clean house, sometimes it becomes a real struggle. Between raising children and trying to manage household chores and work – it just overwhelming to keep a track of what is happening.

Well, it’s a struggle but here are some points that help me manage and clean my home better.

  • Routine – You can accomplish anything and everything in this world if you follow a routine. Keep specified days for different cleaning aspects of your home. For eg – Mondays can be the kitchen, Tuesdays can be your wardrobe and so on and so forth. You can change this as per your requirement and whatever fills the bill.

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  • Pick stuff when you see it – clutter can become overwhelming when it starts to pile up. So pick up when you can. We have a rule at our house – when you leave a room, pick up what you can. Never leave your hand empty-handed. This will make sure, that your clutter gets organized easily.
  • Keep supplies handy – This tip helps me immensely. Keep your supplies organised for cleaning in one place. When you have everything in one place – it just makes the whole process easier and faster. Do not invest in a lot – as most of the times, you will not be using everything. Keep supplies that you would really need.


  • Ask for help – Most of us want to do everything ourselves, or think we do not need help. The truth is that it’s OK to ask for help and let others know that you need help. Ask your friend, relatives – anyone who can come over and help you out with household chores or just for settling things.


  • Get your children to help – I know some mothers who think that parents should not ask children to do anything. But do you know what – children actually like the fact that they are being given work because this makes them feel that they are trusted? You actually make your sure independent and responsible. Give them small chores around the house like – cleaning the table after meals, setting the shoe stand, bringing milk/curd from the nearby shop or etc.


  • Find ways to make it enjoyable – personally for me, cleaning my house is a drag. But it is something that has been done eventually, whether one likes it or not and so, I usually put my favourite music to ease out the process. It helps me remain engaged and also the work seems to complete faster.


  • Reward yourself when you are done – Now, this is the ultimate motivation for me. I reward myself by indulging in my favourite music/movie/ food or a bar of chocolate once I am done. Of course, a clean house in itself is rewarding too.
  • Prioritize – Prioritize when possible, although it’s important to clean your house, it is not at all important to lose your sleep over it. Plan and execute when possible.

All these tips are from my personal experience to keep the house clean with kids around. But what worked for me might not work for you. You can tweak these according to your house or your convenience. I know its easier said than done and when there are toddlers and small kids around, it’s not possible to keep your house clean and organised all the time.

Do share the tips you follow as a mom with us in the comments below.