A happy mom means a happy family and happy kids. But the question is how easy is it to be happy and stay happy as a mom? Well, it’s tricky and not so easy. I get overwhelmed with all the packing and planning just before travel. So, my kids and husband try to stay away from me when I am preparing for travel as they know I am in panicky mode. The kids summer break means a challenging time for moms too. The challenge is to keep them busy and yourself happy.

Travel or no travel, the holiday time can be overwhelming for moms. Keeping kids at home for two months and also trying to keep them engaged and busy is not an easy task. My daughters are big now and do not want to go to any summer camp which is okay but one thing which needs monitoring is the time they spend on TV and gadgets.

kids summer break

I am sharing a few tips to improve your holiday experience with kids from my bag of experience –

  1. Enroll in a summer camp – The first option which all the parents know is a big savior is summer camps. There are many options available from craft camp to science camp, from robotics to sports camp. Even there is an option of many outdoor camps like adventure camps and wildlife camps. My elder one enjoys craft sessions and my younger one enjoys dance sessions. Look for something in which your child is interested so that he can enjoy it more. Here is a list of summer camps in Bangalore.
  2. Set some rules – I know summer break is a time when all rules go out of the window and no one follows anything but no harm in setting some rules. Especially for gadgets and TV time. Make sure there is not too much screen time. Encourage some reading time too.                                                                                                       See this list of activities to keep them busy in the summer break. 
  3. Outdoor play – This is a time when kids can go out and play without any restrictions. Encourage them to go out and play with their friends. On school days, they do not get much time to spend outside. In the holidays, they can go swimming, cycling, and skating with their friends.
  4. Plan small outings – You can pre-plan some outings around the city. Make a list of all the places in and around the city where you can take your kids. Include places like the library, a visit to the planetarium, play areas, plan picnics at parks, and lakes, play dates with friends at a local park, etc. Also, plan to travel at least once a year and make sure you show them a new place every year. Here is a list of places in India to travel with your kids. Travelling with kids is important as the whole experience enriches them. It is good for many reasons which you can read here.
  5. Enjoy this time with them– Last but not least, remember that kids grow really fast and before you realise, they will be gone leaving the empty nest behind. So, when they test your patience this holiday season, just take a deep breath, let it go, and find joy in imperfections.

Its all about making memories and enjoying this time with family. Make sure you make it memorable not only for them but for yourself too.

So, this kids summer break,  let them enjoy and make mistakes and be goofy. As a mom, joining them in all the fun and remembering spending time together is what makes this time truly magical and happy. Happy summer holidays!

Share some tips to be a happy mom with us.