Winter season brings a lot of colour with it. The bright sweaters, fluffy jackets, cute mittens, socks and caps to cover your little one, but sadly it also brings a lot of dryness with it. A child’s skin is delicate and is constantly upgrading, which means it needs care and love like no other. I am sharing some simple Winter skin care tips for kids and tips to keep kids safe in winters that you can easily follow every day.

Tips to keep kids safe in Winters- 

kids safe in winters


  1. Don’t Over bath – Regular bathing can also cause dry skin. Regular bathing every day can rip your child’s skin from its natural body oils. Instead of giving them a bath every day, switch to warm water wipe with a soft towel. Use bath soaps that are gentle and help maintain the PH level of the skin.
  2. Oil Baths – Oil baths are essential to keep your child’s skin hydrated. In fact, it’s the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Oil Bath simply means massaging every body part with warm oil for 2-3 minutes. In about 15-20 minutes – you can be done with your baby’s full body massage. Let the skin soak the goodness of oil and then take a freshwater bath.
  3. Use a good moisturizer – After having a bath, use a good moisturizer on your child’s body. Their legs, hands, back tend to get itchy because of dryness and cause crankiness. Apply the cream gently in upward strokes. Put a lotion/cream or moisturizer when the skin is still damp after you have dried the excess water. Do not rub your baby but gently pat them. Make sure to apply sunscreen when they are going out to play. 
  4. Dress them right – Its essential to understand to your child can only be protected, if they are clothed right for the weather outside. If its cold and windy – then ensure your child should wear a warm cap, full sleeves and full-length bottoms with socks.

  1. Keep the heat to the minimum – Some of us tend to use heaters at our home when the climate tends to get colder. The hot air makes your skin drier and so its recommended to use it on a lower temperature than usual. You may feel cold, but it’s in the best interest of your skin.
  2. Keep hydrated – In winters, children tend to drink less water, but as well all know, hydration is extremely essential for the major functions of the body. Dehydration during winters can cause dry mouth, chapped lips, dark yellow urine, fatigue and also headaches. Give them warm soups to drink on and keep them hydrated by offering them water in gaps.
  3. Foods – Whole grains like oats, bajra, jowar have warming effects. Also, lentil and green leafy vegetables are really good in winters. You should also give them a daily dose of dry fruits like – cashew, walnuts and almonds on regular basis. Don’t forget to a generous amount of garlic and ginger in your child’s diet. You need to boost their immunity through food.

  1. Outdoor activities – It’s important that our body gets exposure to natural sunlight every day and it becomes all the more important in winters. If it’s not too cold, or too windy – take your children outside to nearby park for their daily dose of Vitamin D.
  2. Keep cold and flu away – In this season, illnesses spread quickly. It’s not the weather but the germs and viruses that spread from each other in winters that cause illnesses and infection in kids. So, it’s best to keep the kids away from people suffering from cold and cough. Make sure they wash their hands frequently especially before meals. Read home remedies for seasonal cold and cough. 
  3. Humidifier – Make sure you aerate your house regularly and use a humidifier to add some moisture to the air. In winters, the air gets dry which causes breathing and other related problems. A humidifier is helpful to keep your kids skin moisturised, no more nose blockages and make breathing easy. Dry air causes respiratory and skin problems. You can keep them at bay by using a good humidifier.

Hope you find these tips to keep kids safe in winters helpful. Do let us know if you have any more tips in the comment section below.