The city of Chicago is one of the most populous cities in the state of Illinois in the US. It is one of the largest city too and is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and has extreme weather conditions. It is very cold in winters with temperature going down as low as – 27 degree. Summers are much better and they last only for 2-3 months when people enjoy to the fullest. It’s rightly called, Chicago- a windy city as its mostly very windy throughout the year.

My memories of Chicago – A windy city-

I moved to Chicago in 2006 and I was expecting my second child at that time. My younger one was born in Arlington Heights which is a suburb of Chicago. As we moved here from a place which was comparatively smaller and pretty different from Chicago, it took me some time to get used to the city. The suburbs of Chicago were cozy and everything was in close proximity. I remember dropping my elder one to a preschool nearby and then go grocery shopping and would finish many errands before she came back from school.

One of the fond memories of Chicago is going to the Indian street called Devon street for groceries and also to enjoy the authentic Indian food like dosa or panipuri. Devon street is like mini India and you will get a feeling as if you are in India. So, it was our regular place to visit every now and then. We would drive up the Lake shore drive and would look up to the beautiful skyline. Do you know Chicago has many beautiful skyscrapers and it is on rank 7th in the world for its skyscrapers?

At Navy Pier in 2001

About the city –

Chicago – A windy city is a place which has many beautiful places to see. One of the first places which I saw in Chicago is Navy Pier and it’s my favourite too. Carnivals, shops, restaurants, boat rides in Lake Michigan and many such things make it a fun place.

Navy Pier in Downtown Chicago

Millennium Park is popular for its reflective bean like structure which is beautiful and the park has a lot of green space. The bean-like structure is the cloud gate which is very popular among photographers. It is the major attraction in the millennium park.

Cloud Gate

If you want to see the beauty of the Chicago city, you must try the sears tower which is called Willis Tower now. Also, there is a Hancock tower to see the view of the city from the topmost floor of the building. Sears or Willis tower is the second highest building in the US. It has an observation place called sky deck on the 103rd floor.

Lincoln Park Zoo is great to visit with small kids and still remember the time when we went there with our elder one who loved it.

It is a city which is closed to my heart because of so many memories attached to it and of course as it’s the birthplace of my child.

Have you been to Chicago – a windy city? Please share your views in the comments below.

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