Working from home comes with its own share of challenges. Many people may envy you for the flexibility it provides you, but you probably know that it is not as easy as it really sounds especially for work from home moms. It is very easy to get distracted by chores at home, children, or social media but with a balance, you sure can get this right. Here are some tips that you can follow to be productive while working from home.

7 Tips for Work from Home Moms to be more Productive

work from home moms

1) Set a schedule – this is the most important point to be kept in mind if you want to succeed in working from home. Set a specific timeline for your work, household chores and children. If you intend to spend 3-4 hours every day for work – ensure you begin on time and end on time no matter what. Believe me, when I say, if you focus, you will be able to accomplish a lot in these hours and will not have to stretch.

2) Create a workspace – It is important to understand that you cannot work and be productive if you do not have an environment that supports the same. Working in your bedroom or sitting room is not going to help. Get yourself a makeshift space – start with a table and chair so that when you are near it, you feel right in the zone. Also, it is easy for you to focus and even complete your work.

3) Get ready every day – Just like you would, like you were going to work outside. This makes a lot of difference. Sitting in your home clothes with your hair in a mess, may or may not put you into work mode, but getting ready every day – surely will. This also means, when you sit down for your work – you bring your best version to work. This may seem like a chore in the beginning – but when you see its benefits – you will understand its importance.

4) Create a checklist – As soon you sit down, jot down the goals of your day and keep ticking them off, as you are able to achieve them. You will see that this will keep motivating you to achieve more and stay on a course. Hold yourself accountable for every task, and dedicate a timeline for the same. 

5) Take regular breaks – People who work at home also take breaks. They take their coffee/tea/lunch breaks. Similarly – you should also give yourself a break. Take a snack/ drinks break – or just go outside and get a whiff of the fresh air or hear some soulful music. You will see that timely breaks – will help you stick to your routine more rather than take you off the track.

6) Get a nanny – If you have kids, this becomes really important. If your children are small and do not go to school, this really becomes all the more essential. With kids around, it’s really challenging to focus and get productive. If you have childcare at home – you can not only concentrate but also your children get the attention they deserve. Look for a nanny/childcare who will be reliable and consistent with your children.

7) No distractions – This one is my favourite and always works. If you are a work from home mom and want to be productive, this tip is really helpful. Make sure you turn off all kinds of distractions around you especially social media. I remember getting distracted by Whatsapp messages or Facebook and Twitter notifications. It used to distract me from my writing work and obviously there were a delay and waste of time.

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These are some tips from my own experiences for and hope these are helpful for work from home moms.