Do you know what are mommy hacks?

We are all so busy in our lives that anything that makes our life easier is most welcomed. Some tips and tricks (invented or learnt)  help us to manage things easily. I feel moms are best at it and are the biggest inventors of all. They use their innovative ideas to make everything convenient for their family.

These can be called Mommy hacks which can be anything from a small idea like reusing old clothes for younger ones or something big like recycling kitchen water for different purposes.

I have seen so many moms doing things efficiently and my mom is the first person who comes to my mind. She used to handle everything perfectly with a job and 3 kids. And I am talking about the time when there were no microwaves, no automatic washing machines, and no online grocery shopping.

I salute my mom and all those moms who managed everything smoothly. I learnt a lot from my mom and use those tips and tricks everywhere.

Sharing my mommy hacks in today’s A to Z post. You can read it here.

I would like you all to share your ideas, hacks, innovations with us and other moms. It might help other moms and #MondayMommyMoments is all about helping and supporting each other.


The last week’s winner is Neha. Read her post here.