H for Hacks

Motherhood teaches us a lot of things and this journey from a new mom to a mom of a teenager has taught me different things too. But, I believe I am still a work in progress and as moms, we have some special powers to do anything.

Mommy hacksThings that we moms learn along the way and use commonly are mommy hacks. These hacks help us in different situations especially when we are stuck.

Today I am sharing with you all some of my mommy hacks –


  • I sometimes add grated paneer instead of the cheese in homemade pizza. It started when there was no cheese for pizza but now replaced the cheese with paneer for health reasons.
  • I chop and cook veggies a night before on a school day. It’s less hassle and much easier in the morning. I give one snack box and one lunch box for both my girls. So, pre-preparation helps to avoid any running race in the morning.
  • I add oats powder or flax seeds powder in most of my gravies and even in my cakes. It not only improves the nutritional value but tastes good too.


  • Making to-do lists actually, helps and I cannot do it without the lists. I make a list every day and it helps me a lot to stay organized.
  • I am sure many moms will relate to this one – Sometimes we realize that there is no time to buy gifts when my daughters are invited to a birthday party. Then last-minute running around for gifts starts. Now I keep a stack of gifts at home for emergencies.
  • While drying clothes after a wash, hang kid’s school shirts in the hanger itself. This one probably most of you know but I find it very convenient. It will require less ironing and will stay in shape.

We moms invent and try different things to make things easier. There are small hacks like taking a nap, reading a book, going for a walk alone, and some ‘me time’ that can do wonders for stressed moms.


One of my friend Dr.Amrita told me about a very intelligent hack which can be called a multipurpose hack.  She has converted her treadmill into a working area by keeping a big plank on the front. She keeps her laptop on the plank and works while walking. So, blogging and walking together is a good way to lose some weight and also stay active while working. Isnt it smart?

Do you know of any such hacks? Let me and other moms know about them too.

I am writing about the Parenting for A to Z challenge and sharing my thoughts as a teen and a tween mother. I will share my personal experiences as a mom and hope to help other moms and learn from them through this challenge. Read all posts here. 

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