Little girl, don’t grow up too fast!
It’s all gonna fly, in the blink of an eye.
You can’t stop this thing called life,
So take your time and make it last.
Little girl, don’t grow up too fast!!

These words from Carrie Underwood’s song come to my mind as I sit down to write this post. It’s a milestone birthday for my elder one this year. I have been thinking of doing something special for her this year. I have always heard of sweet sixteen parties and thought she would like a big party too. But when I discussed with her, she didn’t want a big party planned by us and just want to go out with a couple of her friends.

Today when she turned sixteen, I was just recalling many such moments when we discussed many small or big things. Sometimes she listened to us and sometimes she disagreed. Sometimes she gave advice and sometimes followed our advice.

How can it be that sixteen years passed since I first held her in my arms? She is all grown up and ready to embark on a journey of her own. As my first born, she changed me and created a love inside me which is unconditional, unbreakable and never-ending.


I am proud of her in so many ways as she shines in everything she does and my heart just swells up every time I look at her.  On one hand it is heart-warming to see her all grown up and on the other hand, it’s overwhelming. We both have come a long way together and as I changed from a naïve mom to an experienced one, she grew up from a cute little girl to a beautiful young lady.

I know she can’t wait to get out and explore this world. As much as I want to hold her and keep her with me, I know it’s time to let go and spread her wings. Life moves on and I will also learn to accept the fact that she will be going out there and exploring a new world soon. Sometimes it takes a little while to walk out of the woods and I know I will be fine.

Time flies when you are a parent. There are times when you just wish to go back in time and relive all those cute moments. Just cherish all the moments of motherhood as they grow up really fast and before you realise they will be all grown up. As we celebrate this milestone birthday today, I wish her a lifetime of happiness.

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