As a mom, I know parenting is not as easy as it looks. It has its own ups and downs. Sometimes, parents also need help and support. I started documenting my experiences through my blog and published my first EBook 4 years back on parenting. Also, I feel that we all can learn new things from each other’s journeys. That’s why I enjoyed reading this book called Motherhood talks by Sadvika Kylash which I will be reviewing today.

About the author –

Sadvika Kylash is a Master’s graduate in Journalism and was a freelance writer till she entered motherhood. After almost 5 years into motherhood, she decided to get back on what she loves- Writing. She blogs at momlifeandlifestyle and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram with the same name.

About the book –

This book is all about honest motherhood talks from a mother to a mother. It is written to spread all the positive vibes needed to get along with the motherhood journey. It includes a few tips and tricks, a few motherhood editions talks, and a guide for new moms.

What I liked about the book –

When I was reading Sadvika’s book, it brought back so many memories from my early parenting days. I could relate to so many things as a mom.

I liked the way Sadvika has distributed what a mom goes through in her motherhood journey in different chapters. A reader can surely connect to it the way it is written in simple language. The book touches all aspects of motherhood, walking you through challenges and how to overcome them.

The best part is that book will keep you hooked till the end as I could easily relate to everything shared in the book. The highlight for me is the fact that Sadvika wrote this book from her own personal experience as a mom of two girls. That’s why it’s relatable and light read.

My favourite chapters are – Quit having mom guilt and because I don’t take any crap, I am a mean mom and proud of it. In these 2 chapters, Sadvika has shared some strong points for moms to take a chill pill and enjoy motherhood.

Something to add –

I wish Sadvika would have added few pictures in between too. It always makes the book a little bit more interesting. Also, it would have been great if each chapter was on a different page. As that would have given it a proper flow otherwise the headings are clear and one can make out that it’s a new chapter.

A round-up –

If you are a mom, you must read this book as I am sure you can relate to it. This book will keep you hooked, make you smile, teach you how to be a happy mom. Also, it will surely make you remember your motherhood journey. It is a series of Motherhood edition talks from a mom’s heart. It is also a small initiative for mothers to feel good and not have that emotional baggage, which would be associated with motherhood. To read the book, you can download it here.