G for Guilty

~ I do not give time to my kids and I feel bad about it.

~When I go to the office, I feel guilty of leaving them in Daycare.

~I am not working and feel guilty of sitting at home.

~I am going out of the town for work, hope my kids will be okay.


We moms feel guilty for everything but the good news is you are not alone.

Working moms feel guilty of leaving their kids and going to work. Stay at home moms worry about not going to work or doing something.

We also feel guilty when we miss the school events like PTM’s, annual day or sports day.

To make the matters worse, there are people who judge us for whatever we do or not do. I feel it’s best to ignore what others say or think about you. And just do what you think is the best for you and your child.

I am a freelance dietician, run an activity center and a dance school. One of my relatives asked me a few days back, “Are you working?

And I told her about everything I do and she asked, “That I know but you don’t work, right?

So, according to her if I am running my own business or doing everything from the comfort of my home, it is not equal to a job.

Now I should feel guilty about that?

My answer is NO because this is something I wanted to do and feel lucky that I am able to follow my passion.  A few years back, I took this decision of not leaving my girls in a daycare and I have no regrets. I had my own reasons for it and strongly believe that moms have this sixth sense which helps them to take a right decision for their kids.

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As a fellow mom, I want to say to all other moms




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