How many times do you ask your kids to wash their hands?

I have a teen and a tween but still, sometimes we need to tell them about hygiene. My younger one still needs to be reminded every day about washing her hands. Not a single day goes by when I don’t have to remind her ‘PLEASE, WASH YOUR HANDS’.

My main concern as a mom is ‘Hygiene’ and cleanliness for my girls. My tween has a big blackboard and she loves writing on it as she loves using chalks. Every time she plays with chalks, I have to remind her to wash her hands. These are not daily play for our kids but there are many small primary schools in India where kids write with chalks on their slates every day. Hygiene is a problem in various schools in villages.

To tackle the same problem, Savlon has launched ‘Savlon Swasth India Mission’ on Children’s Day this year and introduced an innovative product to bring a change and help kids all around India. This innovative product is in the form of healthy chalk sticks for kids.

These are very useful as these are not only chalk sticks but a soap as they turn into soap once placed under water. And it’s a different experience for kids as they learn how to use soap.

Properly hand washing is one of the great ways to keep kids from getting sick and spreading diseases, such as cold, flu and stomach problems. And as a mom, we want our kids to stay healthy and happy. Even though, it’s a very simple thing, proper hand washing is often overlooked.

In primary schools, in many villages, kids use chalks and slates. They mostly start their meal time without washing hands and if they do not have a habit of good hygiene, it may affect their health.

This problem can be solved by using these innovative chalks.

This new initiative by Savlon is very thoughtful. It can really help to bring about a change regarding hand washing among children.

As a nutritionist, and a mom, I give these chalks a thumbs up. I really appreciate this mission started by Savlon for healthy and germ-free India. It is an innovative mission that can help many schools going children and can play an effective role in creating a healthy environment in schools.

See this video to know more about this mission. And let me know what you think of this mission.