I started writing about my teen and tween last week and it’s fun to think and write about them. Today the topic is ‘Opposites’.

I have two opposites in my house. Both of them are very different from each other and sometimes I really wonder- How can two people be so different?

Teen- laid back, social, very creative, loves music, goes for Hindustani classical singing, not interested in sports and dancing.

Tween- hyperactive, destructive, talkative, chatterbox (only at home, not outside), Little shy outside, takes her own time to open up with new people, loves dancing, very good athlete, love sports.

Even their food choices differ from each other. Teen loves to eat non-veg food but tween loves vegetarian. And there are many such examples.

While my teen is pretty independent right from starting, the tween is a baby of the house. She likes to cuddle with me, hug me and her dad and also her sister (only if she allows and if we hear- ‘Stay away’ – It means the younger one is trying to give her a hug.)

Teen hates all the cuddling and affection. Sometimes, I go into a mode of Bollywood moms like Nirupa Roy- “Only a few more years and you will be going to a college and hostel. I and dad are going to miss you and we love you a lot. Will you miss us?”

“Mom! That’s so cheesy. Stop being melodramatic please.” this was her reaction.

And I guess you got an idea.

On the other hand, tween’s reaction is completely opposite.

“Mom, I love you and dad. I will never go anywhere. You can come and stay with me in my bungalow when I grow up.” She declares and gives me a hug. She says all this with full drama as she is the drama queen of our house.

And in case you are wondering about her bungalow, well that’s another story which is coming up soon on #teenandtween chronicles.

Till then stay tuned for more. 🙂

These are #teenandtween chronicles in which I will be writing about sweet and not-so-sweet stories of my 10-year-old and 14 years old girls.