I love the winter season and always used to enjoy it until I became a mom.

Why? What changed?

I still remember first few winters of my daughter. When she was born, my mom and mom in law made some very cute woolen sweaters, caps, and booties for her.  And after that year, every year they used to make it for her.

And when you get these things specially knitted from a mom, these are always special. But the problem came when I washed them as they either shrunk or colour. I was very upset as these sweaters were very close to my heart.

And once she grew up and started to go out and play, washing sweaters used to be a big task for me in the winters. And on the top of it, the way they used to turn out after washing was another hassle.

I did not want to stop my daughter from going out to play just because her sweaters will get dirty. My mother in law suggested me to get the best powder detergents, especially for my daughter’s sweaters. But, the results were still the same as the actual problem is the soda present in them which can rob sweaters of original colour and softness.

Washing with detergents means rubbing and scrubbing and a lot of work. I spoke to my sister a few days back and she suggested Godrej Ezee wash – the pH-neutral liquid detergent with ‘Zero Soda’ formula that cleans gently. Also, it has an in-built fabric conditioner system that leaves your woollens with a pleasant aroma- every time.


I tried it and was very happy with the results as I don’t have to worry anymore about my girls going out and play or their sweaters getting dirty.

It’s easier now to manage winter wears now and mom is very happy as it is gentle care which keeps my kids warm and let them enjoy winters too. It is available in different packagings and easy to use bottles.


The first thing I did was call up my sister to thank her as I found ‘Easy to wash and easy to choose’ product which can keep our sweaters colourful and soft.

As moms, we all have emotional attachments to our kid’s sweaters and now we don’t have to worry.

So moms, this winter, ‘Ragdo mat and take it easy!’

It is a sponsored post and written for Godrej ezee but I and my family really use it for woolens and this story is from my experience with it.