Travelling the world allows you to see and experience a completely different world. The world’s most important historical sites, the world’s best beaches, the world’s best food, and of course different people. The beauty of travel is to experience the difference. The place where you stay might have the best pizza or great local markets but you won’t come to know how good or bad these are in comparison to other places until you explore them. My theme for this year A to Z challenge is about all the places I was a tourist at which means I will be sharing about all the places where I travelled till now. This is my theme reveal post for A to z challenge and read to know more –

Why did I choose this theme?

My blog is a lifestyle blog which includes several small categories like food, parenting, and travel. I already wrote about parenting and food in A to Z challenge in 2017 and 2018. So, this year it’s about travel.

Theme reveal post

A to Z challenge theme reveal post

What all it will include?

The A to Z of 26 places I was a tourist at are going to be a mix of the following  –

My best travel experience

My worst travel experience

The most unforgettable travel experience

My scariest travel experience

The most memorable travel experience

My travel experience in a train and much more.

So, it will not only be about places but also some fun travel tales which I experienced while travelling.

My A to Z experience –

In 2017, I participated for the first time in A to Z challenge and my theme was – Parenting. I published my first E-book in May following the A to Z challenge.

Last year, my theme was healthy recipes and it also led to my second E-book called healthy recipes under 30 minutes. You can see and download it here.

This year, I would love to share my experience and travel stories with you and can’t wait to embark on this journey of fun and excitement with you all. There are different ways to see the world but it depends on what matters more to you.

Is it self discovery over selfies or is it inspiration over camera and photos?

Wait to find out what matters more to me through my 26 pins around the globe. This theme reveal post is the start of a fun journey which takes off next month.

You can also see all my travel posts – Travel archive.