About the author –

Ginia Basu is a food enthusiast who loves to experiment in the kitchen. She is a geologist by profession. She loves to cook and bake for her loved ones. When she is not in the kitchen, you will find her busy in a book or pottering around in her little balcony garden filled with a very large number of plants which are very dear to her. She also loves to write about food and life experiences in her free time. Her aim in life is to cook and bake her way through life. Also to share all her kitchen experiences on the way. This is her first book consisting of a collection of curated recipes all of which have been tried and tested at home. She contributes her recipes in a blog called thefoodlives.com.

About the book – Easy home cooking

This book is about cooking and baking for the busy modern woman who wants it all. The book describes the author’s love for cooking through food stories. It has a collection of curated recipes along with individual food stories of cookies, cakes, bread and a variety of savouries.

I am a foodie and love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. In fact, my second EBook was inspired by my homecooked recipes. So, when I saw Ginia’s easy home cooking recipes book, there was no reason for me not to try out the yummy recipes. She compiled 14 different recipes in this book. There are 2 categories in the book – cookies, cakes, bread and savouries. This book is her first attempt to compile a few of her food stories and recipes most of which are easy to make and don’t take too much time.

What I liked about the book –

My daughters love cakes and cookies and I always look out for healthier versions. In this book, you will find cookies and cakes recipes using healthy ingredients like whole wheat flour, date palm jaggery and fresh fruits etc. I liked the way Ginia has described the story behind each recipe and reasons to use or change any particular ingredients.

I loved the pictures in the book as they are mystifying and believe pictures make a lot of difference in any book especially in a cookbook. This book makes sure that yummy recipes come out of your kitchen and that also without much effort.

Something to add –

I wish there were some more categories in the book. Although I enjoyed reading all the stories and the recipes, looking forward to a book with some new categories next time. Also, some nutritional content with each recipe would have been great too.

A roundup –

These days there are so many cookbooks available in the market but Ginia’s book is a refreshing change from others. This exciting new cookbook is illustrated with descriptive and actual pictures which are always helpful when you are trying the recipe.  The book has short, sweet and to the point introduction and recipes.

I am looking forward to trying these easy home cooking recipes. If you are already thinking of trying cookies and cakes, go ahead and download this book here.

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