The world is changing fast and there are many new advancements and discoveries which are helpful and easy to use. As a mother, teacher, and writer, I believe in the power of good education. Although it’s still a long way to go, I can see a change in the education system in our country. It’s important to make learning fun.

I am a big fan of creativity and believe that it should be the basis of our education system as it helps kids to learn and understand concepts in a fun way. If we all make learning fun, it will make a huge difference. Recently I came to know about a program that is helping kids to develop their cognitive ability and logical reasoning. I liked the concept and wanted to feature it so that more parents know about it.

It is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs – Iti rawat and Gaurav Bhatia.

Iti is a retail professional, entrepreneur and educator and Gaurav is an INSEAD MBA and business strategist by mindset. He has 14 years of experience in the healthcare business across world geographies.

They believe that the Nature of work is changing and the need for high-level technical skills will only grow.  We need a new way to learn starting young and continuing life-long. That’s why they come up with this idea.

Let’s get to know more about it from one of the cofounders Iti –

Make learning fun for children  – Makerpreneur

What is Makerpreneur and how it helps to develop skills in children?

It is complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity.  It is also logical reasoning and cognitive thinking, negotiation, teamwork, decision-making, and emotional intelligence.

We use technology as a tool to teach and prepare kids for the jobs of the future. We use 21st-century learning, project-based pedagogy, and STEM curriculum to create tech programs like robotics, coding, 3D printing, AR/VR, etc. After the teaching program, there is a Competition platform given to the kids to enhance and vent their project ideas. Also, we have mentorship and incubation programs to help them take their pictures from ideation to scalable level.

McKinsey analysts’ estimate 50% of activities, workers are paid to do now can be automated using currently available technologies. This alone accounts for $15 trillion in wages. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be a shortfall of 95M skilled workers in advanced tech industries. However are our children ready for this?

How is it different from other programs available for children?

We are more real-world-focused. A personal competency plan is linked to the development of the kids at various levels. The program is engaging and gamified totally, it involves a combination of virtual to real technology tools that engage the kids. Also, it is meant for ALL and everyone – we are not targeting any specific kids but all the below-average, average, and above-average kids – even those interested in arts and crafts also to learn this technology. Our program has also helped several special kids and gifted kids to enhance their cognitive abilities.

How did you get your idea or concept for this business? 

For a long time, I have been working on recruitment and consultancy and clearly understand the gaps existing in the education system regarding what university teaches those vs what the industry actually wants.

It’s a huge gap! So to make sure that the needs are met in future – we planned this.

What made you choose the location? Is it running only in Bangalore or other cities too?

Currently, only Bangalore location – as the market is huge here and founders are also based out of here. Once we have our online support and platform ready – we want to take it all out

What are the company’s goals? 

We want to establish a grassroots culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across the education system. The baseline is to make learning fun.

As a mom of two kids and as an entrepreneur, what advice would you give other moms who are just starting out or planning to start a new venture? 

It is tough and you need to live with it- but always have a plan B as you do for your business. To ensure success make the right choices and a more humane one. To keep mental peace always keep “Me time” even if it last for a small time but it should be worth it.

Makerpreneur’s motto is – Create, Innovate, and aspire. It is going to help kids to solve real-world problems through technology and the best part is that it is all done in a fun and engaging way. See this video to know how it helps to make learning fun.

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