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We moms might have different parenting methods or a different take on issues related to our kids but there are some things which are always common. One of those things is – Getting our kids do their school homework.

I have different experiences with both my kids. On one hand, elder one is independent and mostly does her work herself. On the other hand, my younger one is fine until and unless you ask her to do something. It’s not that she will not do her work, but she will do it whenever she wants to. Now that becomes a problem.

I am very happy with their school curriculum and the teaching methodology. The way they teach makes kids pretty independent when it comes to studies and homework. As a mom, I don’t have to rack my brains or teach them separately as their concepts are very clear from the class itself.

Now with the younger one, the problem is to make her sit to do it as she leaves it till last minute and then start her homework. So until and unless she starts her work, my crazy/shouting mom avatar comes out as she really tests my patience sometimes.

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Homework should be stress-free for both mom and kids. I am sharing some tips with you from my experience and hope they help you too.

  1. Fix a time- Make sure to fix a specific time to do their homework. This way they also know what to expect at a particular time. Try to set a routine and your child might take some time to adjust to it but slowly will understand and follow the routine.
  2. No Distractions- Switch off the TV, keep all the gadgets away and create a calm environment. Make sure there are no distractions around and he/she has all the necessary stuff for the homework. Otherwise, they keep on getting up for something or the other.
  3. Tired or Hungry? – Check if your child is tired or hungry before starting the homework. I have observed with my girls that they get so tired by the end of a school day that they are not able to finish their pending work. So, I make it a point that they finish their homework within one hour of coming back from school. They start after they had their snacks and are little relaxed.
  4. Calm mommy- Try to be calm and positive with your kids when they are doing their work. Encourage them and appreciate them for small things. Appreciation is the key and helps a child to gain confidence.
  5. Ok to help- It is perfectly OK to help your child if they get stuck somewhere and need your assistance. Especially in primary classes, a child needs parents help. Remember my mantra- Guide them but not help them. There is a difference between both. Helping doesn’t mean you are going to do their homework for them. Explain them and encourage them to do it but do not do it yourself.

Apart from all these points, a good study location is also a good idea. Find a good study area for your child with good lighting and fresh air. Believe me, that makes a difference.

Share your mommy tips with us which help you and your child with homework and studies.



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