To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.” Isn’t it true? You must spend quality time with your kids.

time with your kids

Childhood is a happy time and a time when kids learn a lot by just observing others and the things around them. I feel the definition of childhood has changed now as kids enjoy video games and don’t want to go out. On the other hand, parents are busy too with their lives.

Recently ‘Full of Toys’ a toys store invited us to a playdate where they gave us a chance to engage in an hour-long playtime slot with any of the toys in their store. At first, my daughter was hesitant to go as she is 10 years old and thought there will be all small kids. I spoke to Gautam who is the owner of the store and told him my concern but he convinced me that they have a lot of good toys for a 10-year-old too.

We were greeted by Gautam and very helpful staff when we reached there. Gautam told us that today parents do not get much time to spend with their kids so they curate toys from all over the world keeping this thing in mind. He also told us that when he asked parents that how they spend quality time with kids, mostly said either movies or dine out. So, he got an idea to start this store with toys in which both can get involved together and enjoy too. They believe that by encouraging parents to play with their kids we will recapture a treasure of childhood.


My daughter got an interesting game at first called ‘Chocolate Fix” -A sweet logic game. It was like a puzzle with a booklet with clues and she had to place the pieces according to the clues. I was surprised that she immediately started solving it and also solved it quickly. This game had different levels from beginner to expert and has 40 different challenges.


the Second game she played was called ‘Osmo base’ which was also quite interesting. It was a spelling-based game and can help to improve your thinking and imagination power. My daughter really enjoyed this one and me and my husband also joined her in solving this as different teams.


The third game she played was called ‘Osmo Coding’ which was about programming and coding. We thought that our daughter won’t be able to do it as she doesn’t know anything about programming.  But we were surprised when she followed all the instructions properly and solved it too.



Not only my daughter but we also loved the concept and the kind of toys “FULL OF TOYS” have. It is very different from any other toy store as they themselves choose the toys keeping kids of different age groups in mind.  Do visit the store with your kids to see the variety of toys they have and to experience it yourself. They have toys for 4- 12-year-olds in different categories. The experience was exactly according to their tagline- Where children play to learn and parents learn to play. 🙂

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Watch this playdate video to know more about the experience.