I am a mom who likes reviewing kids movies and books. A book or movie with a strong message always earns some brownie points from me. As a typical mom, I would often ask these questions from my kids after the movie – What do you learn from the movie? What message do you get? I am sure they don’t like me asking these questions as soon as we come out of a movie.  But I am sure other moms can relate to this. So, the lion king is one such movie which I enjoyed watching with my kids recently. I am here today to share the lion king review with you all.

The lion king is a photorealistic remake of Disney’s movie which was released in 1994. The movie is gaining some mixed reviews since the time it was launched in the US on July 19, 2019. Some feel it lacks that charm which original movie had, some feel it’s not original and looks fake and some like it for its visual effects.

The lion king review from a parent’s perspective –

  • The remake version is surely different from the animated one but it is equally good.
  • There are some scenes of fight and violence which look more intense in this version and might not be suitable for very small kids. So, you can avoid it if you feel your kids won’t enjoy it for these reasons or might get scared.
  •  It is visually stunning and I loved the effects and cinematography.
  • It has some great social messages about loyalty, doing the right thing and facing your fears, and sticking to your childhood dreams.
  • The soundtrack is great. I am a fan of some of the songs especially Hakuna Matata and I can’t wait to be king is one of my favourites.

Mom Verdict –

Before watching this movie, even I was skeptical as I am not a big fan of talking animals on screen but the animals were stunning. Their facial expressions and the detail of their eyes and different movements far surpassed my expectations.

It was fun revisiting the old story of the lion king and although some would still prefer the old animated version, we enjoyed this one too. The main difference is that the visuals are too realistic as its not an animated version.

Catch it on a big screen while you can with your family and friends. As some movies are best watched oon big screen and the lion king is one of them.

I give it 4 stars for the visuals, soundtracks and realistic feel to the old story. It’s difficult for real animals to portray emotions but this movie has portrayed it brilliantly.

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