I don’t like coffee. There I said it and I know it will be very surprising for all the coffee lovers. I like tea better than coffee but not a tea person either.

I like my two cups of tea every day but cannot have more than that. My favourite is the morning tea which makes me happy and is my favourite morning partner.

My husband and kids love cold coffee and can have it anytime but I do not enjoy it at all. So, if there is a choice between both, my preference will always be tea.

I like my tea with less milk, less sugar and little strong. If you ask me about my favourite tea, I would say made by me. It has to be perfect as I don’t like it with too much milk. Most people I know like their tea made by them.

We prefer Taj mahal tea leaves and I love honey lemon green tea bags.


Green tea is another favourite these days and it took me some time to get used to the taste. Green tea is good for health as it has antioxidants and many other benefits.

It is called a very healthy drink for all its health benefits. I know a lot of people who are neither tea person nor coffee person. What is your favourite? Tea, coffee or something else? Let me know your reasons to like it.

Which one do you like?

Tea or coffee



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