F for Food – Eat healthy, nutritious, balanced, enough, and timely. These are some of the adjectives which we moms associate with food and we are always worried about how to give them proper nutrition and what to serve them. I am writing this post as a dietician mom and sharing my point of view with you all to help with a picky eater.

Answering 3 main questions asked by moms-

What to give

It is very important to introduce different food items when they are small. Do not cook separately for them. Try giving them some food like other family members. They will learn to eat by observing others.

How to give

It is important to make mealtime calm and pleasant. Try to offer new food items with some familiar food items. Do not stuff your child with food all the time. Their food requirements are not the same as an adult. And do not expect him to eat each and everything you serve to him. Give food according to age and the weight of the child.

Where to give

Do make him sit with everybody at the dining table or high chair. This way he can see others eating and learn good food habits. Please switch off the television or any other electronic gadgets at mealtime.

Kids are easily distracted and will eat only when they are hungry. Their appetite depends on many factors like playtime, tiredness, moods, etc. If you ever force them to eat, they will never learn to enjoy the food. Also, do not give food as a reward to your child.

My younger one was a very picky eater and she still prefers particular things more than others. I used my creativity in the kitchen too and that helped me many times. She loved parathas in different shapes and I used to make star-shaped or a smiley face with eyes and nose to make her eat.  Dr. Amrita mentioned some great tips for picky eaters too in her post.

Remember these points –


Eating habits do not change overnight. Be patient and do not feel guilty. We moms have a habit of being guilty whenever something is not going right. Read about it more in my next post – Are you guilty as a mom?

I am writing about the Parenting for A to Z challenge and sharing my thoughts as a mother of a teen and a tween. I will be sharing my personal experiences as a mom and hope to help other moms and also learn from them through this challenge. Read all posts here. 

A for Affection

B for Believe

C for Confidence

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