E for Extracurricular

I run an activity center where we conduct many after school activities for kids. Parents give a lot of preference to extracurricular activities these days. And I have seen all kinds of parents in last few years of my running this activity center.

Today life is like a running race where everyone just wants to win. They are least bothered about the route they take to reach the top. Same goes with many parents and they just follow others blindly and make their kids run around.

As a parent, I know we all want them to get an exposure to different activities. We never had so many opportunities and activities when we were small. I myself want my kids to learn dance, music, sports, art etc. but over the years I have learnt that it is OK to let them be.

My elder one loves music and painting. She used to go to classes for both and slowly when the pressure of studies increased, she left painting. But she is continuing with music as she loves it.

On the other hand, my younger one loves dancing and sports. She goes to basketball classes and Kathak. She did go to art classes for some time but didn’t enjoy. I also realised that she doesn’t like anything in which she has to sit at one place. So, I never pushed her for other classes and let her learn whatever she is interested in and enjoys.

So, it’s important to enroll them according to their interest. Talking about interest, I get a lot of calls from parents to enquire about classes whose kids are just 3 or 31/2. And I just tell them to wait for few more years as I feel it’s too early for them to join any extracurricular classes. They get easily distracted and their attention span is short. Let them enjoy for some more time and free play is great for them. They have enough time to learn things.

Points from my experience-


When they are small, we should guide them but there is a thin line between guiding and forcing. Wait till they are ready to develop an interest.

Being ready means being healthy, my next topic is related to food and picky eating. Stay tuned. 🙂

A for Affection

B for Believe

C for Confidence

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