Travelling with kids anytime is not a small task. There is a lot of planning that is involved to ensure that you travel without any hassles during flying as well as after that. With driving, you can get down whenever your child feels bored, but in flights, that is out of the question. It’s important to think and plan of ways to kids busy during flights to avoid any hassles.

Check out some interesting ideas to keep kids entertained during long flights-


1)  Whip out a new toy – You probably will agree with this, that children love new toys. The old may not interest that much. So, surprise them with a toy, that you know that they will like and see 40-50 minutes go easily. Make stories with the new toy so that children remain engrossed and interested.

2) Colouring Books / Activity Books – This is something that works amazingly. Give your children a handful of their favourite crayons and a colouring book and see them remain happy and engrossed for a good amount of time. You can watch as they colour away so that no colours go in their mouth or accidentally does not get thrown away to a passenger’s seat.

3) Apps on phone – Well, if you are ok with handing a tablet/phone to your child, this may be a boon for you. Check for games/apps that are your kid’s age. Children can spend watching rhymes / informative videos or playing with apps. If you have older kids – scavenger hunt games are pretty useful and interesting. 

4) Kids movies/sitcoms – If your child is fond of cartoon characters – you can well in advance download some good movies for your children to watch. I personally prefer Disney / Marvel movies. They are not only entertaining for adults but also for your children.

5) Create a collage – This is pretty simple and your children will love how time will pass. Get some old magazines that have been lying around at home. Create a scene like at a market, saloon, kitchen, home – with the pictures you get in the magazines.

6) Play board games – The classic games like – snake ladder, chess, ludo can never go of style or interest. These are not only interesting but also will help you remember your own childhood memories. Recall these memories and tell tales of how you enjoyed playing this game as a child with your siblings/cousins or neighbours.

7) Listen to audio books – If your child is really not much into reading, then audiobooks are a way to go. Load up their favourite poems, stories, books and let them listen to their favourite stories.

8) Write an imaginary story – Let your child’s imagination run wild with letting them tell a story. Give them the plot to start and let them build on it and see their imagination go places. After the story has been told, ask them to draw the storybook. Let them get creative by adding character names, places and dates. 

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9) Paper art – Take origami paper with you and also direction sheets. Help your child to whip up some of his favourite animals/flowers / or shapes.

10) Magnetic Blocks – Do not fret over blocks flying here and there or you losing bits of these. Magnetic blocks are a great resource for kids on the flight. Challenge your kids to make a shape. Help them out as they figure out the details.

I hope these simple ideas are helpful for you to keep kids entertained during long flights. These will surely help them to be busy too. If you have any tips, let us know in the comments section below.

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