A mom never forgets the growing up years of her kids. I have been there and done that. Whenever I see infants or toddlers, it takes me back to a time when my kids were small. A stage which still makes me smile is the toddler stage. My daughters were a handful during terrible twos. I still remember the struggles especially food related. One thing which all moms worry about during the early years is the proper growth and development of the child.

What are the growth milestones?

Growth milestones are an indication, signs or skills which ensures that a child is growing up fine and also according to his age. Milestones vary with age and it varies from child to child. But it is also important to remember that different kids achieve different milestones at different times. I still remember my elder one took her first step just near her first birthday. She used to crawl in between as she found it easier to reach to her favourite toy or book. On the other hand, my younger one started walking when she was just 9 months old.

As moms, we all worry about the growth and development of our kids. I am sharing a list of toddler development milestones which you can expect at this stage.


Toddler development milestones


Different skills which you can expect from 1-3 years of age.

Toddler development milestones

Communication skills – Talking/speaking

1-2 years

  • Responds to simple talks by parents.
  • Says words like bye, mamma, dada
  • Tries to repeat the words
  • Makes different sounds.

2-3 years –

  • Repeats almost everything heard
  • Says small sentences with few words.
  • Points to things and pictures with names
  • Follows instructions

Motor skills – Body movement

1-2 years –

  • Starts walking independently or by holding
  • Takes the first few steps
  • Sits from lying down position

2-3 years –

  • Starts running around
  • Throws and picks a ball
  • Starts climbing stairs and furniture.

Socialization skills – Interaction with others –

1-2 years –

  • Shy with strangers.
  • Plays small games.
  • Separation anxiety when parents are not around
  • Tries to make things understand.

2-3 years-

  • Becomes more independent
  • Plays with other kids
  • Follow other kids and likes to be with them

It is always better to make sure that a child gets a good nutrition to ensure good physical and emotional development. It reminds me of the time when it was a struggle feeding my younger one. She was a very active toddler who just wanted to run around. I had to literally run around her to feed her and she was so active that she was least interested in food.

Toddlers are a handful but this is a stage when the growth and development are maximum. So, as a mom, I made sure to provide little extra to boost the physical as well as emotional development in my toddler. For emotional development, I made sure that I was there when she needed me but on the other hand, I was not a helicopter parent. You need to leave a child to explore the world around, to be social and to develop emotionally strong.

I read a lot about how optimal mental development is not possible without adequate nutrition for the brain. I got to know how a nutrient called DHA is a building block of the brain that may not be always absorbed from a regular diet. This is where a fortified food like Enfagrow A+ comes in.

It is a blend of key brain nutrients like DHA, Choline, Protein, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Folic acid and other important nutrients to assist with intellectual, motor and communication skills. It has been formulated for children aged 2 and above. Since learning about it, I have made it a point to give it to my child with a glass of milk every day.



As you experience development milestones with your children, don’t forget the role of adequate nutrition for the brain. Bit by bit, you can take steps in the right direction to ensure optimal growth of your child on all fronts. You’ll also observe how children learn to perform essential activities on their own.

Living skills – Performance in a day to day activities

1-2 years –

  • Tries to find hidden things.
  • Can drink from the cup on its own
  • Explore the surroundings by picking up and throwing things.
  • Follows simple instructions.

2-3 years –

  • Starts with understanding colours, shapes etc.
  • Can stack blocks easily
  • Learn And sing rhymes
  • Plays Make believe games

Sometimes, as moms, we worry about our child’s development but it’s important to understand that it doesn’t mean they are lacking behind in anything. Always remember that all children are different and grow at a different pace from each other. It is important to support and encourage them as much in their growing period and that’s the best we can do as mothers.