Creativity means being creative and express freely.  It is very important to let a child express himself freely.

It can be an accomplishment in itself. There are different ways to let them be creative and help them to boost their creativity-

  1. Find out – Find and judge your child’s interest. Do not force your thinking and ideas on him. Help him to discover his interests and talents. Let him create something from different things. For example- colour papers, glue, buttons, straws, paints etc.
  2. Do not stop– I am always in favour of free play. Let them go out and explore. Free play can lead to many chance discoveries. Moreover, going out in nature can also teach them many things which you and I cannot teach him inside the home. Flowers, plants, fresh air can work wonders for your kids.
  3. Reading and Storytelling– Reading is important. Read to your child whenever you can and encourage them to write their own stories. Give them different topics and let them make stories around them. Kids can easily express themselves through writing. Do get them some story books every month and encourage them to read. Reading and writing are great ways of exploring their imagination.
  4. Free and Imaginative play– Let your children imagine and play. It is good for kids to create different characters themselves and role play with their friends. Free play can help them to experiment and help them by making them understand that they are imbibing different roles from the environment around them.
  5. Messy is good-  Next time your child is creating a mess with colours, paints or any other craft material, let him do it. That is one way to be creative. House can be cleaned later but these years won’t come back.

So, parents let your children make and create and not sit and watch TV or on laptops.

As a mother, this is from my experience with my girls.  How do you help your child to be creative?




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