Dear hubby,
We both just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and we looked at each other and said, “Wow!”
And we both know why.
We are both opposite from each other in so many ways and still similar.

I was the quiet one and you were the talkative one when we got married. Now the tables have turned and everyone thinks I am the talkative one.

I am the creative one and you are more intellectual. I love dancing, painting, writing, and everything related to arts. You are the one who has answers for everything that I am clueless about.

I am an over thinker and you are more impulsive. And I take a long time to take any decisions and you immediately go ahead with everything which seems right.

I love exploring and trying new things. You are more laid back and a true Taurean. When we got married, I was surprised to see how much you love sleeping and used to get annoyed (still get annoyed ;)) but now I am used to it.

I am emotional and sensitive but you are the strong one.
It’s amazing how two people learn to love and accept each other with all the faults and weaknesses.
16 years! Where has the time gone? It seems time just flew and I am feeling nostalgic while writing this letter today.
Thank you for this wonderful journey and for being a supportive husband and a great dad to our girls. And no matter how rest of the years look, I am excited to be with you on this journey of life.
I believe it’s valentine’s day every day when you have love of your family with you all the time.
Happy valentine’s day.

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